Spectacular experience with Perfume river cruise

Spectacular experience with Perfume river cruise

Hue City has been one attracting and amazing tourist destination in Viet Nam. Nguyen Emperors decided to choose Hue as the capital city. Among the poetic landscapes and historic site, Hue perfume River  is considered as the soul and the priceless gift of Hue city. Especially, Perfume river cruise is an activity that brings a great deal of wonderful feeling for tourists that they cannot miss out.


Perfume River

From the boat, the travelers can observe the views along the river banks like the green trees and local market as well as the daily busy and rustic life of Hue people. Apart from that, they are able have the opportunity to contemplate the historic sites and immense constructions that create the poetic beauty.

Perfume river cruise roadmap

In the morning

Meeting the travels at Toa Kham and then passing Truong Tien Bridge– the witness of ups and downs of Hue city. At that moment, tourist can see that the river is covered by the white fog and has the green water. After that, the boat is moving to Trieu Son ancient village


Going on Perfume River cruise, the boat will lead the tourist to Sinh village which is one the most celebrated one when visitors can visit the local family who is fluent in making paintings. Besides it, Thanh Tien village is another destination. In fact, it is well-known for paper flowers used for worship aims. Moreover, travels are able to see the procedure and join in making the craft.


Thanh Tien Village

In the afternoon

Returning the boat and turning back Hue city. At this time, the Perfume River cruise of the travelers ends. They get up the bus and are back their hotel. Thank you so much for your reliability and see you later.

What makes Perfume River cruise become special

The professional tour-guide will make tourist’s trip distinguishing and memorable. He is not only provide them with the basic knowledge about Hue historic site ,its cuisine and the accommodation but also suggest them some special cuisine by Hue food tour by night as well as support them with any tackles.  Moreover, there are many games and funny activities will be organized to encourage the participation of everyone during Perfume River cruise.


What is more, the double boat can contain 50-60 people. Sitting on Perfume River cruise, enjoying Hue royal music court and freeing the flower garlands is the unforgettable experience.

How to join in Perfume river cruise

After explore Hue city by Hue private car tour , HUE ADVENTURES MOTORBIKE DAY TOURS, and

Hue cooking class, the tourists can take part in the cruise by booking One day Perfume river tour. We wish the happy and memorable trip for the travelers!