Undoubtedly, Hoi An, which is the fairy of lantern, is one of the must-see destinations when coming Vietnam. Especially, locating on the poetic Hoai River and being fascinating with various historic sites as well as its wonderful cuisines like Cao Lau, Hoi An makes a deep impression. Specifically, among them, Japanese Bridge is the symbol or heart of Hoi An. It is perfectly suitable for whoever loves history.

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

Where Japanese bridge is

Chua Cau- Japanese or Pagoda Bridge which is the different names of this destination is located in the ancient town of Hoi An, the central of Quang Nam province. In reality, it was built in the 17th near Hoai River with the donations of Japanese merchants.

In fact, this historic site connects two main streets of Hoi An namely Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu. It lies on the peaceful Thu Bon River. Therefore, the passengers able to access it easily by reliable Hoi An motorbike rental or the wonderful bicycle tour in Hoi An.

In fact, it was set up to be a weapon to be against the monster Namazu resulting in the earthquakes and other disasters.

namazu monster-in-the-legend-at japanese bridge

namazu monster

What to see in Japanese Bridge

Obviously, Japanese Bridge wins the hearts of many domestic and foreign travelers thanks to its pinkish hue, arched frame and ornate roofing.

When visiting this well-known destination, tourists can easily see two the sculpture of Monkey and Dog at the end of it, which represent for the guardians and sacredness.

monkey and dog statue-in japanese bridge

The dog and monkey statue at the end of the bridge

Pagoda Bridge has a distinctive architecture with a wooden roofed with yin-yang tiles. Furthermore, there is a large place embossed with Chinese letters meaning “the Welcoming Bridge”.

Apart from the elaborate decorations, the Pagoda Bridge also has the porcelain bowls which is the cap at the end of the title. Besides it, a tiny temple on the north side of the bridge appears clearly. Passengers can visit a couple of amazing galleries.

Whoever is the fan of taking photos cannot miss this wonderful place. The bridge attracts visitors by its historical background and red faded color. At night, in particular, the bridge becomes elegant and much more sparkling with colorful lanterns.

japanese bridge at-night

Japanese Bridge at night

What makes Pagoda Bridge unique and fascinating

Regardless of the war’s destruction and time, Japanese Bridge is always intact with the architectural as well as the cultural values. The bridge is not only the symbol of trade relations but also the cultural cooperation as well between Vietnam and Japan.

As a result, it is the ideal place for a number of cultural activities of Hoi An old town and Japan like the Kimono fashion show or the night to remember the victims of the Tsunami in Japan in 2011.

festival at japansese bridge

Hoi An-Japanese festival

How to enjoy the trip with the most satisfaction

At the same time, if the tourists want to enjoy the full trip with all senses, a tour to experience Hoi An’s cuisine is highly recommend. As well as this, Tra Que village farming tour and Hoi An Monkey Mountain and Marble Mountain by motorbike tour is also a valuable experience that traveler cannot miss.