Along with the unique Ao Dai, the conical hat has become the symbol of Vietnamese women and Hue tourism as well. To learn about the conical hat and culture as well as the people of Hue in particular and Vietnam in general, tourists should visit Hue conical hat village.

Hue conical hat - vietnamese women

Hue conical hat village location

Hue is well-known for making poem conical hat. Therefore, tourists can see a plenty of famous conical hat villages such as Tay Ho, Da Le, Kim Long and Phu My… Among them, Thuy Xuan village is the ideal stopping for tourists, which is convenient to visit Hue incense village more. It is around 7 km from Hue city.

Hue conical hat village showroom

Why Hue conical village is top choice of tourists

The conical hat is not Vietnam’s symbol. But if the tourists see an image of a girl in Ao Dai and conical hat, she is surely Vietnamese.  Approaching to the conical village, visitors will have an opportunity to see how to make a conical hat. Furthermore, they have hands-on experience by taking part in making this craft with the local artisans. Especially, nothing is more wonderful than saving travelers’ picture and their name on the conical hat to bring as a souvenir. Besides, when the visitors come here, do not forget to buy one for friends or relatives. Surely, it will be a meaningful gift from Vietnam.

foreigners in Hue conical village

How to travel Hue conical hat village

Thuy Xuan village has two traditional crafts both incense and conical hat. Moreover, it is near Tu Duc tomb, Vong Canh hill and Tu Hieu temple. Therefore, nothing is convenient more renting a deluxe Hue private cars or joining in hidden Hue city tours to visit these places at the same time. More recommending, if the visitors want to travel by themselves, cheapest Hue motorbike rental is never a bad choice.