Whenever paying a visit to Hoi An city tour accidence town. Traditional Tra Que village Hoi An is surely the first stop of both domestic and foreign travelers. It is both beautiful and outstanding with the vegetables’ taste and flavor. Thus, the Figaro Newspaper, France ranked it as the international attraction, which is not less well-known than fabulous spots like Ha Long Bay, Sapa or Hue capital city. Especially, if anyone waiting so long for a gorgeous photo destination, Tra Que herb village is a perfect choice.

being-the-farmer-in Tra Que village Hoi An

Tra Que village

Tra Que village Hoi An location

It is situated on 3 km away from the center of Hoi An. Therefore, tourist can get there easily by Hoi An motorbike rental full day, Hoi An bicycle tour or even the light walk.

With the age of more than 300 years old, and total area- 40 ha with about 41 kinds of vegetable, Tra Que village create successfully its fame with the freshness, good quality and safety.

Conventional Tra Que village’s distinctive features

Firstly, fresh Tra Que village is the community of hospitable hard-working farmers growing the veggies and herbs. Indeed, it is also the solely place having the resident whose livelihood based on uniquely growing vegetable.

Furthermore, it is distinguished as the vegetables are produced without chemical or toxic. In fact, the farmers just use the algae found only in Tra Que lagoon.

water wheel in tra que village hoi an

Water wheel in Tra Que village

Besides, thanks to the seaweed manure from De Vong Lake and the distinctive farming land, most of the vegetables here have the natural fragrant smell and the small leaves.

Apart from that, it is the  fresh Tra Que vegetable that the key factor contributing the celebrity of the most renowned cuisines of Hoi An like Quang noodle, Cao Lau or chicken rice. Therefore, visitors need to come to Hoi An, they can enjoy the full wonderful taste of them.

CaoLau-with-the-herb-tra que village hoi an

The special Cao Lau thanks to Tra Que’s vegetable

Traditional Tra Que village Hoi An with the appealing activities

The passengers have the chance to be a farmer, ride the buffalo, grow herbs, separate the land for suitable herb type, and water the vegetable. What is more, hearing the organic farming techniques and trying their hand at actual farming are another valuable experience. Additionally, they are also able to join in the cooking class and have the foot massage with the ingredients from Tra Que herbs.

Riding-a-buffalo-in-tra que village hoi an

Riding the buffalo in Tra Que village

Noticeably, Tra Que herb village is also the paradise for the photographers. In fact, from the early morning to the late night, through the green paddies fields, lush grassland and tranquil lakes, every minutes, photo-takers can catch the marvelous moment. This place gives us the chance for imagination and creativity.

tra que village hoi an biking-and-cooking-private-tour

The wonderful moments

The best time to visit Tra Que village Hoi An

5-7:30 a.m or 3:30-6p.m is considered as the most perfect time for travelers to visit this awesome destination.

In addition to this, on the 7th of lunar January, the villagers also celebrate the Cau Bong traditional festival. This happens with the purpose of praying for the fair weather and fruitful harvest season as well.

Cau-Bong-festival in tra que village

Cau Bong festival


Notice when coming to eco- Tra Que village Hoi An

With the thick length of history combined the organic farming growth and the freshly tasty vegetables, the village has the chance to develop the tourism. In reality, this spot has been so celebrated that if tourists wish to visit, they have to book a tour in advance. In hidden land travel, visitors do not worry about this matter thanks to our enthusiastic and helpful tour-guide.

The best way to visit Tra Que village Hoi An

Tourist is able to join in amazing Tra Que village farming tour. Besides it, they can make their journey more colorful and memorable minutes with the exciting Hoi An Monkey Mountain and Marble Mountain motorbike tour . Moreover, joining in the Hoi An fishing tour one day is a good idea. We hope the tourist will have a valuable trip with their family and friends.