Unforgetable trip in CITY OF HUE


If you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil place, City of Hue is a perfect choice. Paying a visit to the ancient capital city, you are able to see the old buildings, massive architectures, enjoy the Royal music and taste Hue royal cuisine.

Location of Hue

City of Hue is located in the central of Vietnam, and it is also the national capital from 1802 to 1945 under the rule of Nguyen Dynasty. Furthermore, it is about 20 kilometers from Phu Bai International Airport, 110 kilometers from Da nang, and 700 kilometers south of Hanoi.

Hue Climate

There are two typical seasons in City of Hue: dry and rainy season. The dry one lasts from March to August, whereas the rainy one is from September to February. Especially, from January to February, it has a slight shower combination with spring atmosphere and a number of beautiful flowers in blossom, so it is the perfect time to come.

Distinctive structure

Hue citadel is the first place of many foreign and domestic tourists

Located on the North of Perfume Poetic River with the total are of 520 ha. It is the national capital and the political center of Nguyen Dynasty. Moreover, Hue citadel was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Apart from that, it is also famous for its distinctive construction such as Noon Gate – the biggest and main gate of Hue citadel. As well as Thai Hoa Palace-the most important palace which the throne was put and The Mieu Temple which is built to worship Nguyen Kings mingle with the beauty of other structures.

Furthermore, when visiting Hue citadeltourists can have the golden chance to be the king wearing the robe and put on the crown, which especially attract to the visitors. The price is about 50-100.000 VND.

Unforgetable trip in CITY OF HUE

Hue citadel

Hue Royal Music

UNESCO recognized the Royal Music of City of Hue as a “masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of Humanity” on December 1993.  When enjoying Perfume River tour, not only can tourists see the beauty of the river, but they also enjoy Hue Royal court music. The ticket price is about 100.000 VND for each person.

Unforgetable trip in CITY OF HUE

Hue Royal Court music

Hue Cuisine

The well preparation, delicated ingredients combine with the passion as well as the hospitality of Hue people make its food extremely unique.

Hue foods is sought everywhere, so visitors can enjoy it easily with A Hue food tour by night

Below is some special cuisine that tourists can try

  1. Com Hen ( rice with mussel )
  2. Bun bo Hue ( Hue beef noodle soup )
  3. Nem Lui ( Pork with lemon grass)
  4. Banh khoai ( delicious pancake )
  5. Banh beo ( water fern cake )
  6. Mam tom ( sour shrimp sauce )
  7. Me xung ( seasame candy )
  8. Banh Loc ( Loc cake )

City of Hue festival

Hue festival is the international event of City of Hue, and it occurs every two years. This is occasion tourists can enjoy a colorful ceremony with diverse unique performances of many art groups from Vietnam and various countries all over the world. Besides, visitors are able to explore some tradition values at Kite Flying festival, or they can enjoy “Ao Dai “show.

hue festival Unforgetable trip in CITY OF HUE

Hue festival

How to enjoy a day trip to City of Hue

Hue city lies in the center and easy to approach, so tourists can take part in a day-trip to the old city with bike, motorbike or Hue private car tours. Besides, travelling by boat is not a bad choice.  In fact, it is necessary for visitors to book one day Hue city tours. Come, and explore the beauty and secrets of Hue.