Hai Van pass


Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful hill side roads in the Vietnam. In fact, it was listed ninth in a list of the top 10 most scenic drives in the world by UK newspaper The Guardian. When visiting the Hai Van Pass, tourists can not only contemplate various poetic and breathtaking views but also experience all the emotional levels.

Hai Van pass

Where is Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is on the stretch of high mountain belong to Truong Son Range. To be specific, it lies on High way 1 on the natural border between Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang Vietnam Province in the Central Vietnam. In reality, Hai Van Pass has been the longest and highest mountain pass in Vietnam with a length of 21 kilometers and a height of 500 meters above the sea level.

 Why do we call Hai Van pass

Hai Van signifies “Sea Cloud” because the peak of the mountain is in the clouds, whereas its foot is close to the sea. What is more, May Pass and Hai Van Pass are another name of it since the top of the pass is occasionally covers with the immense clouds and has a degree.

Hai Van Pass spectacular views

It is one the coastally splendid and impressive one in the world with the dazzling panoramic views. The precarious and winding road stands out the verdantly superb mountains.

Whenever exploring Hai Van Pass, travelers can meet the sudden curves and blind corners as well as the twisty path nestling along the ridge. Furthermore, it has the lush jungle on the one side and the sea on the other. All these things make a magnificent natural picture.

Hai Van pass

There is undeniable that Hai Van Pass is the wonderful gifl of the nature, so in the 15th century, Le Thanh Tong King names it “De Nhat Hung Quan”, i.e., “most marvelous wonder”.

In the south of the pass, from above, Da Nang city appears modern and fabulous with the series of infrastructure along the sky-blue sea. Apart from Da Nang, there are Tien Sa Port, Cham Island, and Son Tra Peninsula.

In the north of Hai Van Pass belong to Hue City, the combination between Lap An Swamp and Lang Co fishery village results in a tranquil view. The houses glass themselves in the crystal sea water, which harmonize perfectly with the white dunes.


Hai Van  Pass with the indescribable feeling

When starting the itinerary in the pass foot, tourist feels excited and curious. After that, being worried and nervous is what they experience with the winding curses. However, it is the factor that brings travelers joy and challenging emotion. And then, they are so blown away with the breathtaking natural spots, which is the rewarding result of the hard long journey. Finally, when going down the pass, visitors feel a little bit dangerous, excited they never forget.

Hai Van pass

The best time for travelling to Hai Van Pass

From 5am to 6a.m, Hai Van mountain Pass is cover with fog, so between 8 and 9a.m or 4 to 5p.m is the perfect time to conquer the pass. It is important to notice that travelers should bring food, drink and simple fixing tools with them as along the pass, there is no food stall.

Hai Van pass

How to visit the Pass

Hai Van Pas is 20 km from Da Nang City and 80 km from Hue; therefore, tourist can book Hue private car tour as well as the Hue to Hoi An motorbike tour. If tourist want to feel like stepping into a fanciful and mysterious world, let come to Hai Van. Don’t hesitate and join with us.