Ham Rong Mountain

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Ham Rong Mountain Sapa – Explore the Enchanting Dragon Head Mountain in the Misty City

Ham Rong Mountain, located at the heart of Sapa town, is a highly renowned tourist destination worth visiting. Climbing Ham Rong Mountain offers a unique mountain experience unlike any other. Let MIA.vn guide you through this enchanting journey.

Location: Ham Rong Mountain is situated near Sapa town, just behind the Stone Church of Sapa, within the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Ticket prices:

  • Adults: 70,000 VND per ticket
  • Children (height below 1.2 m): 20,000 VND per ticket
  • Children under 1 m: Free


Opening hours: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Ham Rong Mountain, with its natural rock formations resembling a dragon’s head, has become a captivating ecotourism spot, especially favored by the youth in Sapa.


After obtaining your ticket, you will encounter a stone staircase leading to Ham Rong Mountain. Make sure to allocate enough time for a complete exploration of this majestic mountain. It will take approximately 2 hours to fully explore the beauty of Ham Rong Mountain.


The ecological tourist area of Ham Rong Mountain is divided into three main sections: Ham Rong Flower Garden, Thach Lam Rock Garden, and Ham Rong Summit. Here, you will have the opportunity to admire a panoramic view of Sapa town from above, a sight treasured by photographers for its picturesque charm nestled amid the white clouds.


Easiest Route to Climb Ham Rong Mountain Sapa:

To reach Ham Rong Mountain, take a few minutes to walk to the Ancient Stone Church, which is near the center of Sapa town.

If you prefer the convenience of riding a motorbike, you can park your vehicle at the entrance to the tourist area. There are locals managing the parking, and you need not worry about security. The parking fee may vary depending on the time of your visit.

If you are unfamiliar with the area and your hotel is located far from Sapa town, you can choose to take a motorbike taxi or a regular taxi to get around. The locals are familiar with the roads, and since Ham Rong Mountain is such a well-known tourist spot, everyone is aware of its location, making travel easy and safe.

Discovering Ham Rong Mountain Sapa:

The ecological area of Ham Rong Mountain covers an impressive 148 hectares, ensuring that your efforts to explore this place will be rewarded with worthy photo opportunities. Standing at 1,800 meters, the mountain boasts numerous breathtaking scenes, vibrant flower gardens, and natural beauty harmoniously combined to create an alluring natural space.

The construction of the area began in 1996, aiming to exploit the untouched natural and cultural values of the mountainous region. As you ascend, you will encounter stone steps and unique landscapes along the way. Let MIA.vn guide you through the beautiful sights of Ham Rong Mountain.

Central Flower Garden:

The Central Flower Garden at the mountain is an area where talented artisans have arranged various flowers to form the word “Sapa” in an incredibly beautiful and delicate manner. The style of the garden exudes a European and Western charm that is truly captivating. You can climb higher on the stone steps to get a panoramic view of the stunning flower garden.

The flowers here have been imported from France, Russia, and hundreds of Japanese cherry blossom trees were experimented with and planted in Vietnam. In the future, there will be another area dedicated to growing European flowers. Feel free to purchase flower seeds and take them home to enjoy their beauty every day.

Thach Lam Rock Garden:

The Thach Lam Rock Garden will make you feel as if you have wandered into a fairyland with its unique rock slabs resembling dragon claws and scales, creating an extraordinary and fascinating sight.

This area boasts numerous giant rock walls, a creation of nature that will leave you in awe of the wild and beautiful scenery that nature has gifted. Thach Lam Rock Garden is the most popular check-in location at the mountain due to its dreamy winding paths and stone mazes, giving you the feeling of being lost in wonderland. Can you feel the enchantment of nature here?

Zodiac Animal Statues Garden:

In the Zodiac Animal Statues Garden, interspersed with money plants and begonias, there is a concrete bridge crossing over a stone goat statue. Images of the twelve zodiac animals are arranged in various locations, and you can easily and comfortably take check-in photos here from different angles along the paths.

Peach Blossom Garden – Ham Rong Mountain Sapa:

The Japanese peach blossom garden at the mountain blooms beautifully during the Lunar New Year. Additionally, there are fading peach blossom trees and cherry blossom trees, which are ancient types with wide and beautiful flower canopies, true to the standard of Vietnamese peach blossom trees.

Every spring, the peach blossom garden at here becomes lively with families and loved ones gathering to enjoy the blooming flowers, creating a bustling atmosphere full of laughter.

Orchid Garden:

The orchid garden boasts a wide variety of 200 different orchid species, thriving in the cool climate of 15-18 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Orchids are rare and expensive flowers due to their elegant and refined appearance, but they require attentive care.

You need not search for an orchid garden in Sapa because the mountain houses one of the largest collections of orchids. If you are a fan of these flowers, you must visit the orchid garden at Ham Rong Mountain at least once in your lifetime.

Cloud Yard, Heaven’s Gate:

The Cloud Yard, also known as Heaven’s Gate, is the ultimate viewpoint atthe mountain. Have you ever experienced the sensation of clouds floating beneath your feet, gently swaying above the clouds? From the Cloud Yard, you can overlook the entire Sapa town, Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat village, and the mesmerizing terraced rice fields, creating a picturesque and poetic view.

Ten minutes further along the rock wall is Heaven’s Gate, radiant when the golden sunlight shines through the layers of clouds. This precious moment will become an unforgettable memory at Ham Rong Mountain.

Numerous professional and amateur photographers have traveled far and wide to capture the beauty of the floating clouds through their lenses. For a perfect experience, consider waiting until dusk, when the radiant sunset enhances the magnificence of this place.

Sapa Telecommunication Station:

Located 2,000 meters above sea level, the Sapa Telecommunication Station is the second-highest viewpoint at Ham Rong Mountain. From this spot, you can observe the highest peak in Southeast Asia, Mount Fansipan.

Tips for Exploring Ham Rong Mountain Sapa:

Choosing the best time of the year to visit the peach blossom garden at Ham Rong Mountain during the Lunar New Year is an excellent idea if you plan to celebrate the spring season with family, friends, or colleagues.


Ham Rong Mountain also hosts numerous cold-climate flowers such as azaleas and saffron, as well as various other exotic and rare flower species. Therefore, visiting Ham Rong Mountain during March or April, when the flowers are in full bloom in Sapa, is the best time to witness breathtaking sceneries with fewer clouds.


Another great time to visit Ham Rong Mountain is from April to June when you can capture the stunning images of the terraced rice fields in the water season, resembling glittering silver mirrors.


Conversely, experienced travelers recommend avoiding the period from July to August due to the high probability of slippery roads caused by heavy rainfall.


Ham Rong Mountain is an extraordinary destination that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime, regardless of your age. So, don’t hesitate to make your way to the mountain to experience the feeling of being lost in the wonderland of celestial landscapes. Hidden Land Travel wishes you and your family a meaningful and unforgettable trip to Sapa

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