From so long, Phong Nha Ke Bang has been famous for the beautiful caves and the biodiversity which are considered as world natural heritage. Among those, Hang En cave is one of the biggest caves attracting adventurous visitors per year. Approaching to here, tourists will join in one of the most Vietnam’s exciting adventurous tour.

History and geology of Hang En Cave

In fact, Hang En Cave was discovered and published in 1994 by the cave experts of the Royal Caves Association of England. Because of the millions of swallow live and nest inside the cave, the local people named the cave Hang En-home of the swallow. The minorities used Hang En as a shelter and place for hunts. At here, visitors can see the traces of forest ropes they used for hunting inside.

The Cave has formed 3 million years ago in one of the oldest limestone areas in Asia. Because of the erosion of RaoThuong stream flowed through Truong Son Mountain, Hang En has the massive rocks beautiful stalagmites and faults in the limstone mountain.

Journey to Hang En cave

Located in the core area of National park, the only way to get to the entrance of Hang En cave is by trekking. With tour guide and porters, tourists will have to trek deep into the jungle, cross the rocky forest streams and climb over the massive stones. It’s really a challenge with more than 4 hours trekking in the jungle.

Trekking to Hang En cave

Through the zig zags small forest paths, cross the slippery rocky streams and listen to the sounds of animals. Or simply watch the butterflies gathering around you. The picturesque scenery appears which may ease the weariness. Tourists will have a chance to feel the real jungle life and back time to the ancients when the world still completely untouched by humans.


Ban Doong ethnic minority village

On the way to Hang En cave, adventurers must pass through Doong village. This is the one and only village living inside of Phong Nha Be Bang national park. At here, less than 40 people live and the population makes up the hidden lifestyle to curious adventures.

Make it to Hang En cave

The massive stalagmites and thousands of swallow on the cave’s top will first surprise travelers all the way. Especially, they have the various shapes that exiting the adventurous mind and show how magical the cave.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Also, the cool air surrounding you blows all the weariness away. The fossils and traces, for sure, are the highlight of Hang En. In fact, forming millions of years ago, Hang En was home of many kinds of fauna and for flora: seashell, fishes. Besides, the tourists can also find the tools and ropes used for hunts by ancient ethnic minorities.

Moreover, a little rice wine is making the night warmer will captivate the visitors. Therefore, the tourists should not hurry to leave soon.

What is necessary preparation to visit Hang En cave

To visit Hang En, the first and most important thing is having a good health. Therefore, do exercises and enhance the endurance before getting ready for trekking.

Necessary things for the tour:

+ backpack (25L) for water, personal belongings, and cave expeditions

+towel and swimsuit

+A pair of shorts and a T-shirt to wear at the campsite

+Personal items: mosquito repellant, sunglasses, hats, gopro, underwear, toiletries

+a hat and high-quality climbing shoes.

How to get to Hang En cave

From Hue, deluxe Hue to Phong Nha private car tours is very convenient and affordable for the tourists.

Furthermore, the travelers also get the tour 2 days 1 night to Hang En cave – the kingdom of swallows in Phong Nha with cheapest group tour.