Review of Hon Chong and Hòn Vợ in Nha Trang

Review of Hon Chong and Hòn Vợ in Nha Trang: Where to go, what to do

Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang piques the curiosity of visitors right from its unique name, linked to the touching tale of a fisherman couple. Let’s explore fascinating details about this destination right below!


For travel enthusiasts, Hon Chong Hon Voin Nha Trang is an unmissable spot in this beautiful coastal city. Let’s delve into a detailed review to ensure you have a perfect experience during your upcoming trip to Nha Trang.


Where is Hon Chong Hon Vo in Nha Trang?

1.1. Address of Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang

Hon Chong Hon Vois a unique creation of Mother Nature. This rocky formation lies along Nha Trang’s coastline, boasting a distinctive shape. Over time, the large rocks have been eroded and sculpted by the sea waves and winds, creating a majestic beauty that captivates many curious and intrigued travelers.

Specifically, Hon Chong Hon Vo is located in Vĩnh Phước Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province. These two separate rock formations are not far from each other, making it convenient for you to visit both Hòn Chồng and Hòn Vợ.


1.2. History of Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang

There are numerous local stories circulating about the unique shapes of the rocks at Hòn Chồng Hòn Vợ. One of the most popular stories revolves around a fisherman couple.

Legend has it that during a storm, a husband and wife were washed ashore at this beach. The wife fell into the water, and the husband clung to the rocks, trying to save her. However, the forces of nature proved too powerful. In the end, the husband couldn’t hold onto his wife, and both were transformed into two large rocks that stand tall, forever side by side. The indentations on the rocks are said to be from the husband’s hand gripping the rocks tightly.


This story also explains why Hòn Vợ and Hòn Chồng are not too far apart. It’s become a symbol of eternal love, a legacy that has been passed down through generations.


Surrounding Hòn Chồng Hòn Vợ, there are many other stories and explanations. Some say the mysterious handprints on the rocks belong to a giant. While fishing, the giant struggled with a large fish, one hand gripping his fishing rod, the other clinging to the rock to gain leverage, thus leaving the handprints as we see them today.

The truth behind the markings at Hon Chong Hon Vo remains a mystery. Nevertheless, the breathtaking beauty of these rocky formations is undeniable. This is one of the reasons why these rocks attract the attention of many tourists who come to explore the stunning landscapes of Nha Trang.

Ticket Price for Hòn Chồng Nha Trang

Hon Chong Hon Vo sits by Nha Trang’s coastline, jutting out into the sea, seemingly eager to escape the bustling city life.

To visit this scenic spot, you’ll need to purchase a ticket. The current ticket price is 22,000 VND per person per visit. This fee is reasonable and well worth it to experience the majestic yet serene beauty of the coastal landscape.

Opening Hours

Hon Chong Hon Votourist site is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. This is a popular destination among Nha Trang’s visitors, so you might find larger crowds, especially between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM. It’s advisable to plan your visit to avoid the peak hours.

How to Get to Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang

How far is Hòn Chồng from Nha Trang city? It’s a relatively short distance of about 4 kilometers from the city center. You can easily reach Hon Chong Hon Vo by motorbike or taxi for a convenient visit.

Simply follow Trần Phú Street, cross the Phạm Văn Đồng overpass, and look to your right. You’ll see a sign indicating the way to Hòn Chồng. Not far from Hòn Chồng is a smaller rocky formation, known as Hòn Vợ.

What Makes Hon Chong Nha Trang Attractive?

Visiting Hòn Chồng Hòn Vợ, you’ll not only witness the natural rock formations with their unique shapes but also be treated to magnificent views of the surrounding sea. From Hòn Chồng, you can gaze out into the distance, spotting Hòn Yến, Cầu Đá Port, and even Hòn Tre to the right. Alongside them are Hòn Đỏ (Red Island) and Cô Tiên Mountain.

Here, you can take countless insta-worthy photos against a backdrop of rocks, sea, lush mountains, and white sand. With such elements at your disposal, your task is to dress in your favorite attire and pose with a photographer who has an eye for art to capture some stunning shots.


Refreshing Beach Bathing

What to do at Hòn Chồng? A trip to Nha Trang is incomplete without some beach time. Hòn Chồng’s beach stretches toward the sea, inviting you to immerse yourself in its cool, azure waters. This refreshing experience will help you relax and momentarily forget the worries of everyday life.

Hon Chong Hon Vo is especially captivating at sunrise or sunset. Amidst the backdrop of neighboring mountains and the sea, you can lean back on a flat rock, gaze out at the vast ocean, and enjoy the serene moment.


 Experience the Life of Fishermen

Every morning here, local fishermen head out to sea to greet the returning fishing boats. You can join the local fishermen to experience the lives of the people in this coastal region. Fishing boats often return with a bountiful catch of fish, shrimp, and other seafood.

Here, you can personally help retrieve fishing nets. If you have a love for seafood, this is an excellent opportunity to buy fresh and affordable seafood. During low tide, you can also accompany the fishermen to gather seaweed and collect seashells along Hòn Chồng Hòn Vợ’s coastline.