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Khai Dinh tomb

Khai Dinh is the 12th emperor of Nguyen Dynasty (1885-1925). Like many other emperors, after ascending to the throne few years, he ordered to build his own resting place in 1920.

Khai Dinh tomb (Ung tomb) is the most massive mausoleum in Hue. Compare to the tombs of previous emperors, Tomb of Khai Dinh is the smallest, but most luxurious work in VN. It took 11 years to complete the tomb while he ruled only 9 years from 1916-1925.


Khai Dinh tomb architecture

The architecture of Khai Dinh Tomb is the unusual, unique and extravagant which is unlike any other tombs in the past. It is the result of Western and Eastern acculturation and Khai Dinh personality.

Modern style: It was made of concrete and cement that import from western country

  • Ancient style: 3 entrances of the first gate symbol for heaven, human being and the earth
  • Oriental style: 5 floors represent 5 elements: Metal, wood, water, fire and earth.
  • Buddhist style: Lotus flowers on the fence
  • Indian style: The pyramid columns of the gate
  • Hinduism style: Two pillars with Stoupa form of and
  • Christianity style: Barriers like the crucifix
  • Roman architecture: Stele house with octagonal columns and arches door variant.khai dinh tom gate

Thien dinh palace was decorated by million ceramic and glass chips. They are all from china and Japan by five boats. Moreover, he is only king revealed his coffin location. It is 9 m deep under his bronze statue which casted in France when he still alive.

“Nine dragons hidden in cloud” is the biggest painting on the ceiling in Vietnam. To raise money for the giant construction, Khai Dinh asked the French government to raise national tax 30% that made people lives harden. Therefore, the painting was painted by the feet of artist Phan Van Tanh


How to visit Khai Dinh tomb

The resting place is about 10km from Hue centre. It is very convenient for visitors to take one day Hue city tours , Hue private car tours and motorbike