Being belong with the well-known interconnected cave system, Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, UNESCO World Heritage site, Dark Cave is the only cave in Vietnam operating “mud-bathing inside the cave” service. In fact, it is compared to the smaller version of Son Doong Cave. Coming to this famous destination, tourists stand the chance to experience the double zip-line, take the kayak and dawn into the natural mud bath, which help them relax and recharge.

marvelous dark cave

Dark Cave’s location

It belongs to Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, about 50 kilometers to the northwest of Dong Hoi City. Specifically, it is situated in the center of Phong Nha Ke Bang, on the bank of Chay River.

As a result, with the warm support of our professional tour-guide, tourists can reach this place easily by reliable Phong Nha motorbike rental.

Dark Cave’s special name

With the length of 5,258m, width of 50m, height of 80m and two separated entrances in front and back, in 1992, the British Caving Association explored and named. Because there is no artificial light, nothing tourist can see but darkness, which brings the amazing and adventurous emotion.

The marvelous structures inside Dark Cave

Like wonderful Paradise cave and Phong Nha cave, cool Dark Cave is the system of various stalactites with diverse shapes as well as colors.

Moreover, this wonderful destination is also the home and residence of various animals like bat, swallow and Vooc languor on the primate species in Vietnam’s Red List. Therefore, this journey is perfectly suitable for whoever loving nature and biology.

The activity to discover Dark Cave

Taking the mud bath

There are some underground river parts together with the natural sweet water lake called Thuy Tien and 20 square meter mud containing the vital minerals, which all create a healthy combination for travelers. Furthermore, it is very good and beneficial for skin, with the reasonable price.


activity inside dark cave

Having the natural mud in Dark Cave

Swimming Zip-line

From the conservative station to Chay River, passengers have the experience in zipping line which is the longest one in Vietnam and Phong Nha – Ke Bang tourists center with the 400m length to the door cave.

After having the marvelous things when discovering and taking the mud in the cave, the tourists will be taking kayak finding out Chay River, following by zip-line. After that, swimming and swallowing in the fresh water and taking part in many water activities.

Going Zip-line in Dark Cave

Going Zip-line in Dark Cave

How to discover Dark Cave

  1. The normal tour

It is unnecessary for travels to book the tickets in advance. From the Zip line station, tourists keep going until they reach the back entrance of Thuy Cung Cave.

About the entrance of the cave, it is opposite to the river bank from Zip-line tower. The sparkling and unique view appearing in front of tourists. They have the opportunity to catch the deep blue water of Chay River at the same time riding Zip-line.

Especially, there is the restaurant inside the cave. Therefore, passengers are free to choose the conventional food and drinks in the interval with the professional and hospitable staff.

The price: 330 000 VND / per turn

  1. 6 km path into the dark cave tour

This is a special and unique which is managed by the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center. The tourists will start trekking at km 18, West Ho Chi Minh trail, and then they trek through the jungle. Following by swim in E Cave, and going through the Sky Gate as well as wading the muddy underground river. Through the narrow gap between rocks, the stream is what they will experience. Finally, they reach the campsite.

The price: 270 000 VND / per turn


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