If tourists are enthusiastic about nature, hunger for discovery the new things and world like in the fairy tales, Paradise Cave is the top choice. As the underground palace, it is one of the most worldwide magnificent and mysterious wonders that travelers cannot miss when they come to Quang Binh.


Paradise Cave

Where Paradise cave is?

It belongs to the well-known interconnected cave system, Phong Nha Ke Bang, UNESCO World Heritage site. Specifically, it is situated on 60 km northwest of Dong Ha City near the west branch of Ho Chi Minh highway. Therefore, travelers can join in the budget-friendly Hue to Phong Nha by private car or use the reliable Phong Nha motorbike rental to reach it easily.


The beauty of the door Paradise cave

In 2005, a local man accidentally discovered the cave. It has immediately attracted the intention of the international and domestic scientists, explorers and community. According to top the study of British Research Cave Association, Paradise Cave is the longest dry cave having the spectacular stalactites and stage miles system beyond the human’s imagination.

Why Paradise cave is so special?

It has the immense, magnificent and mysterious structure with 51, 4 km in length, 80m in height. The more passengers move into the cave, the cooler temperature they feel

In particular, the cave door is too small that only one person can go down. There is a slope by a variety of small and big stalactites leading to the 15m-long cave floor. What is mentioning is that the splendid of Paradise Cave become extinguished and excellent when the light shines.

marvelous beauty of Paradise cave

The marvelous beauty of cave

Moreover, inside of the cave, the tourist will puzzle at the imagines which are the same as the cultural symbols from diverse regions. Among them, the spot like the terraced field which symbolizes for the agricultural culture.

The most unique is the Cung Quang Han where a great deal of the huge, colorful and fanciful rock as well as the stalactites show up. Everything seems to make a gentle curtain of fairies or the god. Significantly, Thap Lien Hoa with the distinctive formation that every different person will have the different perceives not to mention diverse angles.  

In fact, a number of travelers are attracted to its beauty, and many of them come here to contemplate it to relax. Moreover, Cung Quang Han has become the huge source of inspiration for a couple of writers or poets.

How the journey to discover the Paradise Cave is?

The tour takes tourists through the stunning scenes, and this is surely a way to experience the cave. Our tour-guide will poem the gate for tourist to step down and set off their journey.

Crossing over a 1.1 km long wooden bridge is what they will enjoy, and this bridge is the longest one. If tourist desire, they can join in the 7 km trekking tour.


The wooden bridge

Right now, travelers are inside the cave and exploring the various amazing and adventurous things.

After that, they will see a 50m river and they will swim to come over it or go by kayak boat.


Next, they continue to climb on the slippery but exciting rock. Simultaneously, they are able to contemplate the beauty of the creator.

The journey continues to the most expected destination, which is Gieng Troi, having the sunlight beamed down. At this place, tourists can make a tent and have lunch.


The unbelievable beauty of Gieng troi

What to notice when exploring Paradise Cave?

The trip to Paradise Cave is suitable for most of people regardless of the ages. However, the physical fitness is required consisting of walking on the rocky and slippery ground, or climbing stairs.

To make sure tourists trip full of happiness and satisfaction, they should put on the trousers, good trekking shoes, and swimwear in particular.


250.000 VND / per ticket/ an adult

125.000 VND / per ticket/ a child ( from 1.1m-1.3m )

Besides it, on the way from Hue to Phong Nha, passengers are able to visit historical DMZ Vietnam to broaden their mind about Vietnam history.