Rent motorbike rental from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi

Rent motorbike rental from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi

Rent motorbike from Ha Noi to Hoi An


  • Good condition motorbikes, hemets
  • Rack, plastic bags and bungee cords
  • pick up and drop motorbikes at the office
  • Sending luggages to the next destination.
  • Leaving the motorbikes at almost parts of Vietnam
  • Detail online map and stops on the route
  • Extra key copy of blue card
  • Some basic fixing tools
  • Having detailed contract and instruction in English


  • Luggages / passport / money depend on the bike rented

How to rent motorbike from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi

  •  Your name
  •  Your hotel address in Sai Gon
  •  Type and number of bike
  •  Number of bags
  •  Number of helmets
  •  Time  and date you want to get the bike
  •  Do you need a guide or not
  •  How many days would you like to rent


  1. After getting all info above, we will confirm you the price and everything.
  2. In the morning, please come to our location to check the bikes, helmets and everythings
  3. After instructing you about bikes, map and doing paperwork, we will take your bags to send to Da Nang city
  4.  We will send you the location to drop off in Ha Noi and collect the deposit

What to visit when rent motorbike from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi

Renting a motorbike and riding from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Hanoi is an epic adventure, spanning approximately 1,700 kilometers. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to explore diverse landscapes, experience Vietnam’s rich culture, and visit numerous attractions. Here’s a suggested route and some places to visit during your journey:


  1. Ho Chi Minh City: Start your journey in the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. Explore the War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, Ben Thanh Market, and enjoy the city’s vibrant street food scene.
  2. Cu Chi Tunnels: Just outside Ho Chi Minh City, visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, an extensive underground network used during the Vietnam War.
  3. Mui Ne: Head east to Mui Ne, known for its sand dunes, kite surfing, and beautiful beaches.
  4. Da Lat: Travel to Da Lat, a charming mountain town with a cool climate, lovely lakes, and French colonial architecture.
  5. Nha Trang: Continue your journey to Nha Trang, famous for its nightlife and beaches. Explore the Po Nagar Cham Towers and nearby islands.
  6. Quy Nhon: Take a detour to Quy Nhon, a coastal city with beautiful beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, and delicious seafood.
  7. Hoi An: Ride to Hoi An and explore its well-preserved ancient town, renowned for its lantern-lit streets and tailor shops.
  8. Da Nang: While in Da Nang, visit the Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, and the Golden Bridge.
  9. Hue: Explore the historic city of Hue, including the Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, and the tombs of the Nguyen emperors.
  10. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park: Discover the stunning karst landscapes and extensive cave systems in this UNESCO World Heritage site. You can visit Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave.
  11. Vinh: Make a stop in Vinh, a city rich in history and culture. Explore local markets and sample Vietnamese cuisine.
  12. Ninh Binh: Ninh Binh, often referred to as “Halong Bay on land,” boasts impressive limestone karst formations. Visit Trang An Grottoes, Tam Coc, and Hoa Lu Ancient Capital.
  13. Hanoi: Finally, arrive in Hanoi, the capital city. Explore the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and enjoy the diverse culinary scene.

During your journey:

  • Safety: Always prioritize safety by wearing proper gear, including a helmet, and following traffic rules. Be cautious on the road, especially during challenging weather conditions.
  • Local Cuisine: Savor the local cuisine at each stop. Vietnam offers a variety of delicious dishes, and each region has its specialties.
  • Accommodation: Plan your accommodations in advance to ensure a comfortable stay, and consider booking places with secure parking for your bike.
  • Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of important contacts and emergency numbers, including local mechanics and hospitals.

This motorbike journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi offers an unforgettable experience, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Vietnam. Take your time, immerse yourself in local culture, and enjoy the adventure.


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