Sung Sot Island

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Sung Sot Island – Nature’s Unique Masterpiece in Ha Long Bay

Sung Sot Island, also known as Surprise Cave, is an unmissable destination in Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh. As travelers set foot on this island for the first time, they will be amazed by its sparkling and enchanting beauty hidden within the cave. In 2012, Sung Sot Cave was ranked among the top 10 most beautiful caves in the world by the Czech Association of Travel Offices and Brokers. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the mystical and fascinating beauty of this location through the following article.

Introducing Sung Sot cave

Where is Sung Sot Island?

Sung Sot Island is located on Bo Hon Island, in the heart of Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay Ward, Quang Ninh Province.

The unique name “Sung Sot” originates from a French scientist who visited the site in 1901 and named it “Grotte de la surprise,” which means the Cave of Surprise and Astonishment.

Unraveling the Legend of the Cave

According to an ancient legend about the history of Sung Sot Cave, after defeating the An invaders, Saint Giong rode his horse into the sky, leaving behind his precious sword and steed to protect the people, expelling demons and evil spirits. The place that preserves the complete traces of this heroic and fierce battle is none other than Sung Sot Cave. The small lakes inside the cave are believed to be the footprints left by Saint Giong’s horse.

 How to Get to Sung Sot Cave in Quang Ninh

From the center of Ha Long City, travelers can travel about 4km along Hai Quan Street to reach Bai Chay Pier. From here, visitors can take a canoe or boat and travel approximately 14km to reach Bo Hon Island, where Sung Sot Cave is located.

The Beauty of Sung Sot Island in Ha Long Bay

Let’s explore the enchanting and unique features of this famous cave:

The Path to Sung Sot Cave Hiding Under the Forest Canopy

When setting foot on Bo Hon Island, visitors need to climb up 50 stone steps and then descend 10 stone steps to reach the cave’s entrance and explore Sung Sot Cave. The path leading to the cave winds through the forest canopy, connected by steep stone steps.

After passing through a narrow rocky crevice, visitors enter the heart of the cave, which covers an area of nearly 12,200m2 and reaches a height of about 30m. Following the 800m-long stone path, the mesmerizing and captivating beauty of Sung Sot Cave gradually unfolds before travelers’ eyes.

Marveling at the Masterpieces Within the Cave

On both sides of the stone path inside the cave are low road lamps that create a soft, eye-catching glow, enhancing the beauty of Ha Long’s landscape.

Sung Sot Cave consists of two main chambers. In the first chamber, the cave’s ceiling is covered with a smooth “velvet carpet,” illuminated by sparkling stone lamps. Vivid stone statues, resembling elephants, flowers, leaves, and seals, come to life, attracting visitors’ attention.

In the second chamber, a completely different scene awaits with a vast space capable of accommodating thousands of people. As visitors venture deeper inside, they will encounter depictions linked to the legend of Saint Giong. Near the exit is a stone block shaped like a horse and Saint Giong’s long sword. Within the cave, small lakes are reminiscent of Saint Giong’s horse’s footsteps.

Reaching the highest point of the cave reveals a “garden in the sky” with a clearwater lake, various plants, and many bird species. Flocks of monkeys frequently come down here in search of fruit, adding excitement to the area.


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