Top Hue attractions


Hue city, which is slap-bang in the center of Vietnam, has been an attracting destination for both the domestic and foreign tourists. In the past, it was the capital city of Nguyen Dynasty. Nowadays, Hue attractions is celebrated for its long history, favorable geographical features, historic sites and distinctive cuisine.

Hue attraction in the evening

Hue city at night

  1. Perfume River, the top Hue attractions

When it comes to the city of Hue , people associate with Perfume River because it is the soul and the priceless gift of Hue. In fact, it is distinguished with its poetic beauty.

Especially, its water color transfer per hour. In the early morning, From Truong Tien Bridge, we can see the white covering with the green water. At noon, it turns gentle sea-green. Late afternoon is the most beautiful as the bright sunshine makes it flaming red.

Moreover, Perfume River is mighty special since most Hue sightseeing and cultural heritage are along 2 banks of the river. Therefore, enjoying the view on Perfume River is an unique experience.

Top Hue attractions

Perfume River

  1. Hue Royal Tombs, the top Hue attractions 

Khai Dinh tomb is another Hue attraction and the most bulky mausoleum of Hue. Compare to the tombs of prior king, it is the smallest, but most luxurious work in Vietnam. The architecture is the harmony between Western and Eastern acculturation. Moreover, Khai Dinh tomb is distinguished with Thien Dinh place and “nine dragons hidden in clouds”- the biggest painting on the ceiling.

Tu Duc tomb is the resting place of 4th king ruling for the longest time. It is considered the most beautiful and largest work in royal monument complex. Unlike other tombs, it is divided into 2 areas: temple and burial area. Among them, Hoa Khiem palace-where the king worked, Minh Khiem theatre– the oldest theatre of Vietnam, Stele House– the biggest stone stele are the most distinctive structures.

Minh Mang Tomb is the combination of nature and architecture. Visitors can admire the Moon Lake with the lotus blossom, Hong Mon Gate, stele house and Minh Lau pavilion

Apart from Hue city tours, travels can pay a visit to 3 above tombs by hiring Hue private car one day of a motorbike.

Top Hue attractions

Tu Duc Tomb overview

  1. Regional sites

Linh Mu Pagoda, which is the most ancient one of Hue city, is the famous Hue attractions that tourists can easily visit by Perfume River tour. It is well-known for the long history, spectacular views and mysterious stories. Phuoc Duyen Tower having 7-storey and Buddhism Statue on each floor; Dai Hong Chung and the car of Thich Quang Duc are the outstanding architecture.

Tu Hieu Pagoda is another beautiful covered with immense pine forest, but largest pagoda of Hue. It has the half circle lake, a stream and the unique eunuch cemetery. With the large space and peacefulness, it is the perfect place for camping trip, and meditation.

  1. Hue foods

Hue cuisine has been becoming special and unique thanks to the distinctive ingredients, traditional secrets, delicacy and Hue passion. Especially, Hue foods are sought everywhere, so travelers can try them comfortably with Hue food tour by night.

These are the lists of Hue attractions specialty

  • “5 colors” cake
  • Com Hen ( rice with mussel )
  • Bun bo Hue ( Hue beef noodle soup )
  • Nem Lui ( Pork with lemon grass)
  • Banh khoai ( delicious pancake )
  • Banh beo ( water fern cake )

Top Hue attractions

Hue cuisine

  1. Hue traditional villages

One of the most celebrated conventional villages is Sinh one where tourist have the chance to visit the local family specializing in making wood paintings.

Furthermore, Thanh Tien village is another Hue attractions. It is notably for making paper flowers used for worship aims.  Visitors can see the product process and have the practical experience by making the craft by themselves. Specifically, a boat excursion with Perfume River tour guarantees visitors’ satisfaction.

Top Hue attractions

Sinh painting