Da Nang or Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours

Why Da Nang or Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours

If you are an enthusiast of exploring mysterious nature, unique culinary experiences, and the local culture on the back of a motorbike, then join us for the Da Nang / Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tour via Ho Chi Minh. Embark on an adventure where you’ll not only discover the natural beauty and unique flavors but also immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the local people.

Tour Highlights:

  • Visit and learn about traditional craft making villages
  • Traverse the Ho Chi Minh trail, hidden roads, and coastline
  • Refresh with a waterfall swim
  • Taste the authentic local foods, drink
  • Engage with local ethnic communities
  • Knowledgeable local guide
  • Flexible to adjust the tour program


  • Outline motorbike tours program
  • Detail motorbike tour to Ho Chi Minh from Hoi An
  • Motorbike types information
  • Motorbike tour price list inclusion and exclusion
  • Motorbike tour booking progress

Outline motorbike tour to Ho Chi Minh route:

  • Day 1: Da Nang / Hoi An – Kham Duc
  • Day 2:  Kham Duc – Mang Den
  • Day 3: Mang Den – Pleiku
  • Day 4: Pleiku- Buon Me Thuot
  • Day 5: Buon Me Thuot – Da Lat
  • Day 6: Da Lat – Mui Ne
  • Day 7: Mui Ne – Vung Tau
  • Day 8: Vung Tau – Cu Chi tunnel – Ho Chi Minh city

Day 1: Đà Nẵng or Hoi An to Kham Duc

We will meet at Da Nang or Hoi An office, After providing instructions on vehicle usage, go over the contract, discuss the itinerary, explain policies, and address payment details. then start Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours

=> Visit My Son holy Land. The My Son Sanctuary is a renowned historical site in Quang Nam Province, featuring a unique collection of Champa temples and towers. Discovered in 1885 and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, the archaeological complex is deeply nestled in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains. Long ago, this location served as a sacred site for rituals and the placement of tombs for the ancient Champa kings. The My Son Sanctuary stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region, with its distinctive architectural ensemble set against the backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes.

=> Visit rice paper making village. After leaving the My Son Sanctuary, we will visit a rice paper village. Here, you will not only witness the traditional process of local residents making rice paper but also have the opportunity to taste it

=> Visit Grang Waterfall. The waterfall is situated along the Pà La stream, which originates from the high mountain range at an altitude of 700 meters to the north of Tà Bhing commune. At here,  you can immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Grang Waterfall, surrounded by the pristine landscapes of Tà Bhing, as the Pà La stream gracefully descends from the mountainous terrain, ultimately contributing to the majestic flow of the Thanh River in the Vu Gia – Thu Bon river network.

=> Visit village of Co Tu Ethenic people. Along the way to Kham Duc on Ho chi Minh trail, you will have change to visit the tradional house, costum, lives of Co Tu people

Overnight in Kham Duc and finish the first day from Hoi An to Ho chi minh motorbike tour.

Day 2: Kham Duc to Mang Den ( 220 km ) 

After check out, 8: 30 we will continue Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours to visit:

=> Dakga spring. We leave Kham Duc to the first stop of Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tour.Dak Ga Stream is located approximately 1 km from the Ho Chi Minh Trail, originating from the towering peak of Ngok Atoon Mountain situated behind Long Vien village, surrounded by lush, pristine forests. Amidst the ancient tree lines, the stream emerges, its cascading waters forming a frothy, white spectacle. Large, shimmering white rocks are arranged in terraces, creating a captivating staircase effect from high above to down below. Within the stream, numerous small and moderately deep ponds exist, their crystal-clear waters reflecting the serene beauty of the surroundings.

=> Phuong Hoang airport. Continue Ho chi Minh trail tour to visit Phuong Hoang Airfield, located in Tan Canh commune, Dak To district, Kon Tum province, was constructed by the United States before 1972 to serve the war effort. Following liberation, the airfield ceased its operations and transformed into a historical site. Presently, only a remnants of the approximately 2 km-long runway remain, situated alongside National Highway 14. The site stands as a poignant reminder of its wartime past, offering a glimpse into history for those who visit.

=> Dak To Victory monument.The Dak To Victory Historical Site is situated atop a hill approximately 600 meters high, about 1 km southwest of the Dak To town. It is located along National Highway 14 in the area stretching from Dak To to Ngoc Hoi. This is the site that bears witness to the heroic and resolute military achievements of our people during the years 1967, 1969, and 1972. Perched on the historic route from Dak To to Ngoc Hoi, this location serves as a testament to the intense struggles and triumphs of our forces during this significant period. The landscape encapsulates the indomitable spirit and valor of our people in the face of adversity.

Overnight in Mang Den

Day 3: Kon Tum to Pleiku ( 160 km )

=> Pa Sy water fall. Amidst the myriad of natural wonders bestowed upon the red lands of Kon Tum in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the cultural and ecological tourist area of Pa Sy Waterfall is likened to a heavenly garden with pristine beauty, reminiscent of the soul of a highland maiden. The enchanting Pa Sy Waterfall in the beautiful Mang Den region serves as an ideal destination that any adventure enthusiast would yearn to conquer and explore at least once. With the majestic backdrop of lush green mountains embracing the cascading waterfall, creating a scene akin to paradise, every visitor to this place is bound to feel overwhelmed and captivated by the breathtaking beauty of nature. The picturesque landscape, where the frothing white water complements the vibrant greenery, forms a captivating panorama reminiscent of a mythical realm, leaving an indelible impression on every traveler.

=> Continue the motorbike tour to Ho Chi Minh by riding through green tea hill to visit Centuries-old pine trees. At here you can relax with nice coffe shop and admire that Centuries-old pine trees

=> The Chư Đăng Ya volcano is precisely located in Ploi Lagri village, Chư Đăng Ya commune, Chư Păh district, Gia Lai City. The volcano is approximately 30 km northeast of Pleiku City center. Standing at an elevation of around 975 meters above sea level, Chư Đăng Ya was once an active volcanic peak with the longest history of existence in Gia Lai. Over millions of years, the thick layers of volcanic ash from Chư Đăng Ya have transformed the area into a rich and fertile red basaltic land. The local residents have ingeniously utilized this fertile soil to cultivate various crops and colorful flowers. Beyond its inherent grandeur, Chư Đăng Ya volcano is further adorned with the vibrant hues of blossoming flowers, creating a stunning masterpiece on the mountain peak.

=> Taking a break at T’nung lake. The Pleiku Sea (T’nưng Lake) in the Ê Đê language translates to “sea on the mountain.” This tourist destination is located in the northwest of Gia Lai province, approximately 7km from the city center of Pleiku when traveling along National Highway 14.

=> Overnight in Buon Me Thuot End the third day of Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours

Day 4: Pleiku to Buon Me Thuot ( 180km )

=> Ede Long house. The long house, which accommodates several generations of a clan, typifies the Ede ethnic group’s matriarchy. Whenever a girl living in a house gets married, the house is lengthened by one compartment. There’s a saying that compares the house to the distance the sound of a gong travels because when a gong is struck at one end of the house, its sound is barely heard at the other end.

=> Windmilk farm

=> Chu Se terrace field. Covering around 40 hectares, the rice fields in Dun, cultivated by the Jrai and Ba Na people, cascade down the hillsides for dual-season rice cultivation. The thriving rice plants benefit from irrigated water sourced from the nearby Ayun Ha reservoir and streams along the hillsides. The terraced levels exhibit a gentle elevation, creating a harmonious landscape.From August to early September, these terraced fields adorn themselves with the lush green attire of vibrant young rice plants, presenting a captivating spectacle.

=> Buon Ho Bypass

Finish day 4 of  Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours

Day 5: Buon Me Thuot to Da Lat Via Lak Lake ( 210 km )

=> Visit Dray Nur waterfall. Located approximately 25 kilometers away from Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province, Dray Nur Waterfall is a must-see attraction in the Central Highlands. Follow National Road 14 towards the border between the provinces of Dak Lak and Dak Nong, then travel an additional 12 kilometers, and you will arrive at Dray Nur Waterfall. This waterfall is formed by the confluence of the Krong Ana and Krong No rivers, which create the legendary Serepok River. With towering rock walls, the waterfall plunges from a height of over 30 meters, creating a magnificent yet poetic scene.

=> Visit M’nong village.

The Mnong or Munong (Vietnamese : Mơ-nông) is an ethnic group of 54 ethnic people groups in Vietnam. Population: approximately 103.000 people (2014). M’nong ethnic minority people live mostly in the Central Highlands provinces of Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong, some in Binh Phuoc and Quang Nam provinces.  Mnong life: Like other residents in the Central Highlands, the M’nông ethnic people live a subsistence, agrarian life in which they are self-sufficient in food, growing mainly dry rice, corn. Recently the M’nong in Vietnam develop industrial crops such as pepper, coffee, tourism service …

=> Ridding with Elephant in Lak Lake

=> Overnight in Da Lat

Day 6: Da Lat to Mui Ne ( 170km ) 

=> Poungour waterfall. Pongour Falls Dalat, also known as the 7-level waterfall, is a magnificent attraction. With stunning cascades and lush surroundings, it offers a serene and picturesque setting that captivates visitors from all around the world. 

=> Mui Ne Sand dune. Nestled along the stunning coastline of Vietnam, Mui Ne is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches. However, it is the mesmerizing sand dunes in Mui Ne that truly steal the spotlight. These majestic natural formations, resembling a surreal desert oasis, offer an awe-inspiring sight that leaves visitors spellbound.

=> Overnight in Mui Ne

Day 7: Mui Ne to Vung Tau ( 180k )

=> Visit Po Sah Inu cham tower. The attraction of Poshanua Cham Tower as well as that of other Cham towers is the sophistication in unque architecture and art of ancient Cham people.  It was built 1,200 years ago. However, there are only three towers remaining (main tower, medium tower, and small tower). Inside the main tower, there are stone altars of Linga and Yoni. They are the symbol of Shiva with many carved and sculptured patterns reflecting existence and growth of Cham reproduction

=> Ke Ga cape

=> Light house

Day 8: Vung Tau to Ho Chi Minh city ( 160km )

=> Nghinh Phong cape. located behind the small mountain to the south, the strip of the land deep into the sea has become a wonderful and ideal resort of Vung Tau.

=> Cu Chi tunnel.  CU CHI TUNNELS – A HEROIC EPIC Located approximately 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels are a miniature representation of the ingenious transformations and creativity of the people and military in Cu Chi during the prolonged, intense 30-year resistance against invasive enemies, ultimately securing independence and freedom for the homeland.With its monumental achievements, Cu Chi Tunnels have etched themselves into the heroic history of the Vietnamese people as a legend of the 20th century, earning global fame. This unique marvel in anti-invader warfare boasts an unparalleled network of tunnels stretching around 250 km, resembling a spider’s web beneath the earth. The complex includes interconnected structures such as trenches, bunkers, combat hideouts, dining and sleeping quarters, meeting rooms, recreational areas, field hospitals, and hidden storage for provisions. Notably, it features the Hoang Cam kitchen, showcasing a remarkable feat in defeating the enemy.

End motorbike tour from da Nang to Ho Chi Minh city !

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honda XR motorbike tour from hoi an to ho chi minh

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honda XR motorbike tour from hoi an to ho chi minh

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honda XR motorbike tour from hoi an to ho chi minh

Inclusions Notes:

=>  Accommodation as indicated in the itinerary (based on twin or/and triple shared). If you want to stay in private room, it will coste extra 15 usd / night

=> There are not many choice for Accommodation and foods long Ho Chi Minh trail ( Kham Duc, Kontum, Mang Den, Pleiku, Buon Me Thuot ). We just book the most realiable and clean one 

=> Ridding experience is required for Solo rider.

=> Mechanic (only for a group from 6 passengers) or Extra 80 usd / day if group of under 6 people 

=> The surcharge to upgrade to manual dirt bikes Honda 250cc is 30 $ /bike/day.  Honda 500cc is 100 $ / bike/day 
=> Support van is included for group from 10 passengers. If group is less than 10 people, you want a support van to carry luggage on tour, the rental cost for this extra service is US$ 100/day (Including a driver & gasoline + toll fee)

  1. Please view our tour program, price table, bike types and days
  2. Text us if you want to adjust anything or any request
  3. Inform us number of poeple wan to ride on the back of guide and number of people ride solo
  4. If ride solo, what type of bike would you like to ride
  5. We will confirm the last price after getting above info
  6. If you confirm the tour, please deposit in advance via paypal around 25 %
  7. At the day tour or 1 day before, please come to our office to test the bike, helmets, protection. etc.
  8. Start the Motorbike tour to Sai Gon

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