Da Nang to Hue motorbike tour

Da Nang to Hue motorbike tour

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Da Nang to Hue motorbike tour via Hai Van pass is the best way to explore central Vietnam, Hidden Land Travel offer you a good English speaking guide, Luggages transfer to Hue and drop you and luggages off Hotel. You can also ride on the back of the guide or ride yourself

8:30 am. Our guide will pick up you at the lobby of hotel. He brief you the itinerary before riding through city to Thuan Phuoc bridge to admire city from the highest point.

9:30 am. Continue Da Nang to Hue motorbike tour to ride along the coast to Hai Van Pass. This is one of the most impressive pass in Vietnam that has been famoused on BBC top gear program. The guide will stop at the most beautiful pots for stunning views and coffe. You also can lear about history and North and South diffriences.

10:30 am. After going down the mountain with amazing View of Lang co bay, the guide will take you along Lap An lagoon to feel the peace and life of Oysters farmers

12:00 pm. Instead of riding on highway, this top gear tour will take you along Tam Giang lagoon. The motorbike guide will flexibably to give you some the best stops such as Tu Hien bridge, Tam giang lagoon, monkey bridge and city of ghost

3:00 pm. Continue Da Nang to Hue motorcycle tour, you will ride through countrysides to An Bang ghost city Covering an area of 250 hectares, the cemetery behind the fishing village of An Bang holds an incredible collection of incredibly ornate tombs and memorials, some costing hundreds of thousands of US dollars to construct. The buildings incorporate both Buddhist and Christian iconography, some of which are modelled after the royal tombs of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Notice the detailed mosaics made from broken pottery that adorn many of the facades.

4.pm: Taking a break by visit Thanh Toan village

Along with the Japanese bridge in Hoi An, Thanh Toan tile bridge is one of the rare tiled-roof  bridge left in Vietnam. The bridge is not only for crossing, but also for meeting, relaxing and worshipping. Visitors come here can see the local goods such as incenses, conical hats, dried tea and offerings. Moreover, tourist will get to know the process of making rice and understand the farmer life in the argriculture museum. Especially, the bridge is also a picturesque place for an amazing picture.

4:30 pm. Drop you off at your hotel in Hue where you will finish Da Nang to Hue motorbike tour



What to prepare for Da Nang to Hue motorbike tour
  1. Having breakfast but not too big
  2. Bring sunscream, waterproof bags, rain coats, and swimming cloth
  3. Wearing climbing shoes, sun glasses and long shirt and pants if you like
  4. Bring both cash and credit card for personal expenses
  5. Do not stay up late and dink too much alcohol before the trip
  6. Do not put your important things in to your bag that be sent to Hoi An by car
3 reasons to choose Hidden Land Travel

Guides: Our guide is not just a local rider, who take you to Hue and finish. Most of them graduated from university of foreign languages and having Tourist Guide certificate. During the trip, they will in troduce to you the local sights, history and culture as a tour guide.

Safety: All the guide having atleast 5 years riding experiences. The motorbike is maintained by our own machenic everyday to make sure it is safe totally.  In adition, we provide good helmets, hand and legs protections. Especially, you don’t have to worry about caring the bags, we will send them to the next destination in the same day by car.

Routes: We understand that, you come to Vietnam to explore the real local lanscapes, there are no reasons to take highway or busy roads. For this reason, in this motorbike tour, we always take you through countryside roads to Thanh Toan village, coastal roads to Tu Hien bridge and the roads along Lap An lagoon to Hai Van pass.

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To book the tour, please give us info below via whatsapp or Email:

  • Date and timeyou want to the tour
  • Adress you stay that you want us to pick and drop off
  • Number of people you have
  • Anyone would like to ride solo?
  • If yes: How many people ride automatic bike and semiautomatic bikes?

* After getting all info above, we will confirm the total price and everything