Explore countryside by Hue Jeep tours

Explore countryside by Hue Jeep tours

8:30 am. In the morning, our guide and driver will meet you at the designated location. After confirming the program, we will board a jeep and head to the first destination of the Explore Countryside by Hue Jeep Tours.

9:30 am.  After a 20-minute drive through the lush rice fields, we will arrive at the visit to the Tile Bridge and Thanh Toan Market. Here, you will explore local specialties cultivated in the gardens of local households. Additionally, you will marvel at the over 200-year-old tile bridge to gain insights into the lives of the farmers.

Explore Hue countryside by jeep Thanh Toan market

10:00 am. Continuing our Explore Countryside by Hue Jeep Tours, we will embark on a 20-minute drive to visit the Rú Chá mangrove forest. This segment of the tour promises to be captivating for travelers, offering the chance to witness diverse wildlife in a unique mangrove ecosystem while enjoying breathtaking views from the observation deck.

Explore Hue countryside by jeep food tours ru cha

11:00 am. After leaving Rú Chá, we will visit the wood painting workshop in the Sình Village. At the home of the artist Lê Hữu Phước, we will delve into the history of the craft, various painting styles, and the step-by-step process of creating these artworks. Particularly, you will have the unique opportunity to personally print your own painting as a keepsake and souvenir.

12:00 pm. Continuing the Hue City Jeep Tour, we will visit the Thanh Tiên paper flower village. We will explore a typical family to understand why the tradition of making paper flowers has persisted for over 300 years. Moreover, you will have the chance to craft your own paper flowers and keep them as a unique souvenir.

thanh tien paper making village Explore Hue countryside by jeep tour

1:00 pm.Leaving Thanh Tien paper flower making village, we get back to city center to enjoy luch with local foods

Explore Hue countryside by jeep food tours

3:00 pm.Jump back to Hue jeep tour to visit Hue Abandoned Water Park, a surreal and unfinished site in Vietnam, beckons adventurers with its eerie charm. Overgrown by nature, the decaying water slides and pools offer a unique backdrop for urban exploration and photography. This offbeat attraction sparks curiosity and speculation about its mysterious past, making it a captivating destination.

Explore Hue countryside by Jeep

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