Hue Cuisine tour with Jeep by night

Hue Cuisine tour with Jeep by night

5:00 pm. The Jeep and guide will meet you at the designated location. After confirming the tour program, we will board the Jeep to embark on the “Hue Cuisine Tour with Jeep by Night.”

5:30 pm. Our first destination is Dong Ba Market, the oldest and largest market in Hue. Here, you’ll stroll through the stalls, witnessing the bustling evening life of local vendors. It’s also a great opportunity to explore the ingredients that define Hue’s distinctive culinary offerings.

Hue Cuisine tour with Jeep by night

6:00 pm. Leaving Dong Ba Market, the Jeep will take you along the Perfume River to a traditional riverside cafe. Here, you’ll not only enjoy coffee or typical Hue beverages but also learn about the lives of the boat people. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse in the local river culture.


7:00 pm. The next destination on the Hue Cuisine tour is a local garden restaurant for appetizers. You will be welcomed by a friendly chef who will demonstrate how to make the following cakes

  1. Bánh bèo: Water fern cake
  2. Bánh nậm: Rolled cake with shrimp and pork
  3. Bánh lọc: Tapioca dumplings

8:00 pm. Continue the Hue Food tour by jeep to a local eatery specializing in the famous local delicacies such as bún bò (beef vermicelli soup), giò (Vietnamese pork sausage), chả (Vietnamese pork meatloaf), and cua (crab). These dishes are renowned specialties of Hue.

Hue Cuisine tour with Jeep by night hue noodle

8:45 pm. The last stop of Hue Cuisine tour by jeep is Sweet soup for Desert.  The sweet soup was once an indispensable dessert for ancient kings and queens. You can choose from various types of sweet soups such as black bean sweet soup, green bean sweet soup, mung bean sweet soup, adzuki bean sweet soup, clear tapioca dumplings filled with roasted pork, clear tapioca dumplings filled with coconut, yellow mung bean sweet soup, purple sweet potato sweet soup, etc.

9:00 pm. Return hotel or any where in city center and finish Hue Cuisine tour with Jeep by night


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