Hue DMZ tour (back Hue) by motorbike/car



A full day of Hue DMZ tour is the best way to learn about Vietnamese demilitarized zone history. DMZ, dividing line between North and South Vietnam during American war, is the fiercest battlefield during the war. According to a statistic, One person had to suffer around 7 tons of bombs. Almost houses were fired, and thousand of people had to live underground or leave their homes.


7:00 am. We pick you up at your hote then go straight to  to Dong Ha City.

10:00 pm. Continue Hue DMZ tour to visit the Rock pile, Vay village before reaching Ta Con airbase. At Here, you can feel the severity of the Life and death front for both the Vietnamese and Americans. Just south of the DMZ, the area was the scene of the bloodiest battles of the conflict.

12:00 pm. Drive back to Dong Ha city and enjoy lunch at local restaurant

1:00 pm. Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River

Arrive at Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River. Here is the best painful symbol of the national division. According to the Geneva agreement in 1954, Viet Nam was divided into two parts so that Vietnamese soldiers moved to the north and French and its follower had to move to the south. The border takes the parallel 17t as a temporary boundary for two years until the general election. However, when nationwide general election did not come true due to American broke the agreement and separate Viet Nam for 12 years. Nowadays, you can easily imagine about the color, flag, loudspeaker and artillery through the museum, two-color Bridge, flag tower, loudspeaker as well as conjunction house.

2:00 pm. Vinh Moc tunnel

Start to discover Vinh Moc tunnel where you will be shocked by how and why it was built. It was impossible to survive on ground when America broke DMZ to expand the war to the south and dropped 500,000 tons of bombs while there were only 70,000 people in vinh Linh. Therefore, The designer is a man who just finished primary school can built such a stable tunnel. It was not only for hiding bombs but also for schooling, cooking, treating, relaxing and political discussion. During the war,  The tunnel welcomed 17 babies were born underground.

 3:00 pm: Stop to visit Lavang holy land on the way, after that Come back to Hue city where we finish the Hue DMZ tour.


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