Morning Hue street food tour by Jeep

Morning Hue street food tour by Jeep

7:00 am. The driver and guide will pick you up at your hotel. After confirming the tour details, we will embark on a morning adventure with the Hue Street Food Tour by Jeep.


7:30 am. After 20 minutes ride through rice field, We arrive our first stop Thanh Toan Market, one of the most diverse market in Hue. Wander through various stalls, from fresh produce to seafood, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the unique ingredients that contribute to the flavors of Hue cuisine. Besides, you can also learn about the life of farmer and how they plan rice. 

8:30 am. Continuing the Hue Street Food Tour, we’ll ride along the Perfume River to a small islet. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to savor some of Hue’s renowned specialties, including “cơm hến” (clam rice), “bún hến” (clam noodle soup), and “mì hến” (clam vermicelli)

9:00 am. Leaving Hến Islet, we’ll head to a charming café by the Perfume River. Here, you’ll enjoy coffee and learn about the life of local fishermen.

9:30 am. Continuing the Hue Street Food Tour by Jeep in the morning, we’ll visit a local eatery known for its famous specialty “bún.” Delight in options like “bún bò” (beef noodle soup), “bún giò” (pork leg noodle soup), “bún chả” (grilled pork noodle), “bún cua” (crab noodle), and more.

10:30 am The final stop of the Hue Jeep Tour is a dessert shop. “Chè” is a traditional royal dessert, but today we can savor various types, such as black bean, green bean, mung bean, adzuki bean, stuffed clear dumplings, coconut-stuffed clear dumplings, mung bean cake, and sweet potato soup.

morning Hue street food tour with jeep


Return hotel where we finish Hue jeep food tour in the morning

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