Trang An Ninh Binh

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Trang An Ninh Binh – Discovering the Heavenly Scenery of this Enchanting Tourist Area

Trang An Tourist Area is part of the majestic Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex in Ninh Binh province, located less than 100km from the capital city of Hanoi. This convenient proximity has made Trang An a popular eco-tourism and spiritual destination for visitors from the northern region, attracting them during summer vacations, holidays, and weekends. Let’s explore and see if Trang An truly lives up to its reputation as a “heavenly scenery on earth,” as often described by travelers!

The Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex is the only dual-designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam, comprising the interconnected scenic areas of Trang An, Tam Coc, Bich Dong, the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, and the specialized forest of Hoa Lu.

Best Time to Visit Trang An Tourist Area

Each season of spring, summer, autumn, and winter adorns Trang An with its own unique beauty. Throughout the year, visitors can find something fascinating to explore:

  • In spring, tourists can immerse themselves in unique festivals such as the Trang An Festival (mid-March lunar calendar) and the Co Lau Festival (8th-10th day of the 3rd lunar month).
  • Summer charms with ripe golden rice fields and fragrant lotus ponds.
  • Autumn offers pleasant and cool weather, ideal for outdoor activities and exploration.
  • Winter veils Trang An in a mystical fog, resembling a celestial wonderland.

The top attraction in Ninh Binh

Visitors to Trang An Tourist Area can explore renowned cultural and spiritual sites, including:


  • Den Trinh (Trinh Temple) – dedicated to four esteemed generals of the Dinh Dynasty.
  • Den Tran Ninh Binh (Tran Temple) – established by King Dinh Tien Hoang to worship Quy Minh, the guardian deity of the southern gate of Hoa Lu.
  • Den Tu Tru (Tu Tru Temple) – commemorating four great ministers during the Dinh Dynasty, who assisted King Dinh Tien Hoang in overcoming 12 enemy warlords to establish the Dai Co Viet state.
  • Phu Khong – a place of worship for seven important officials during the Dinh Dynasty.
  • Hanh Cung Vu Lam – an unmissable check-in spot.
  • Enigmatic Caves
  • Trang An boasts enchanting caves that intrigue visitors, such as:
  • Dia Linh Cave, which stretches nearly 1,500m and houses a system of petrified stalactites.
  • Nau Ruou Cave, featuring an underground water system over 10m deep and hundreds of distilled liquors made from this water source.
  • Boi Cave, where prehistoric traces dating back approximately ten thousand years have been found.
  • Sang Cave, Toi Cave, and Ba Giot Cave are also noteworthy caves for tourists to explore.

Transportation in Trang An Tourist Area

Given its riverine landscape, boats are the primary means of transportation in Trang An Tourist Area. Tourists can choose traditional boat rides on three main routes departing from the boat wharf:

  • Route 1: Boat Wharf – Trinh Temple – Toi Cave – Sang Cave – Nau Ruou Cave – Tran Temple – Ba Giot Cave – Seo Cave – Son Duong Cave – Phu Khong – Bao Hieu Pagoda – Khong Cave – Tran Cave – Quy Hau Cave – return to the boat wharf.
  • Route 2: Boat Wharf – Lam Cave – Vang Cave – Thanh Truot Cave – Suoi Tien Temple – Dai Cave – Hanh Cung Vu Lam – return to the boat wharf.
  • Route 3: Boat Wharf – Trinh Temple – May Cave – Suoi Tien Temple – Dia Linh Cave – Dai Cave – Hanh Cung Vu Lam – return to the boat wharf.

Additionally, the tourist area offers kayak boat services with two main routes:

  • Route 1: Boat Wharf – Trinh Temple – Tam Quan Gate – Toi Cave Gate – Quy Hau Cave Gate – Ngoc Mountain.
  • Route 2: Boat Wharf – Kong Island Wharf – Thuy Dinh – Hanh Cung Vu Lam.


Delicious Cuisine in Trang An Tourist Area

  • Mountain Goat Meat

A must-try delicacy in Trang An Tourist Area is the famous mountain goat meat from Ninh Binh. The goats are raised naturally on rocky mountains, feeding on various herbs and plants, resulting in firm, lean, and exceptionally flavorful meat.

  • Mountain Snails

These snails inhabit the limestone caves and only emerge during the rainy season. Visitors arriving in Trang An from April to August have the chance to indulge in this specialty. The snail meat is crispy, sweet, and exudes the fragrance of traditional herbal medicine, making it delightful when prepared as steamed, stir-fried with tamarind, mixed in salads, or grilled.

  • Ca Ro Tống Trường (Tong Truong Carp)

This indigenous carp species inhabits the submerged caves of Tống Trường Yen and now forms part of the Trang An World Heritage Site. The meat of the Tong Truong Carp is firm, sweet, and fragrant, commonly used to make sour soups, dried and stewed dishes, or fried preparations.

  • Ant Egg Sticky Rice

Eggs of the brown ant, collected from the forest, are cleaned, fragrantly stir-fried with chicken fat and dried onions, then mixed into hot sticky rice. The creamy ant eggs blend perfectly with the fragrant fried onions and the soft, aromatic sticky rice, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

In conclusion, Trang An Ninh Binh presents an enticing tapestry of breathtaking natural beauty, spiritual landmarks, and delectable local cuisine. A visit to this extraordinary tourist area promises an unforgettable experience, where travelers can immerse themselves in the charm of a heavenly paradise on earth.