Tu Hieu temple – pagoda of eunuches in Hue, Viet Nam

Tu Hieu temple eunuch  in Hue Viet Nam

Tu Hieu temple Hue Viet Nam

Tu Hieu pagoda

Among hundreds of famous ancient temples in Hue Tu Hieu temple is one of the oldest, largest and most beautiful. The wonderfully tranquil air and beautiful landscape will keep visitors’ enchanted.

Location and history

Nestled on low hills of Thuy Xuan commune, Tu Hieu temple is known as the “root temple” of the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. It is not only a place where monks seek enlightenment but also where people can find a serene safe haven or even learn meditation. The temple was built in 1843 and later taken over by eunuchs from the Citadel.

Tu Hieu temple Hue Viet Nam

Main gate of temple

What to see at Tu Hieu temple?

At Tu Hieu temple, tourists will discover its traditional architecture, which forms the Chinese character “Khau.” The main temple is dedicated to Buddha and the altar behind, dedicated to the saints of Hue. Tu Hieu has a peaceful setting with a serene half moon lake, blooming lotus and poetic view. Moreover, Visitors can enjoy the landscape and feed the fish in the lake. Beside, the courtyard and old relics will take the tourists through centuries of history. Especially, the temple has 70 monks. They welcome visitors to the temples and listen to their chanting daily at 4.30am, 10am, noon, 4pm and 7pm.

Tu Hieu temple Hue Viet Nam

main temple

How to get there?

Tu Hieu temple is about 5km from the centre of Hue, on the way to the tomb of Tu Duc. Therefore, travelers can get there by riding a motorbike, renting a Hue private car or joining in a Hue city tour which visits other sights, including Tu Duc tomb, the incense village and anywhere else in Hue that they might want to visit.

Tu Hieu temple always welcomes anyone interested in meditation practice or simply fond of the tranquil atmosphere. Therefore, let come to Hue and visit this amazing temple.