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Typical Hue food – what to eat in Hue

Enjoying Hue food is a must trying activity to do in this old city. No other province in Vietnam can compare to Hue cuisines by tasty, elegant and noble.  If you are going to get there, make sure that you do not miss out the list of special food to eat in Hue city.

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 List of Hue food

  1. Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodle soup) is on the top of 50 most delicious dishes in the world and also special, traditional of Hue food. Bun Bo is a perfect combination of vermicelli, pig’s leg and beef pies along with red soup oil, vegetable, chili and different spices. A bowl of Bun Bo will keep the flavor in tourists’ heart. They can enjoy Bun Bo Hue at the famous restaurants such at Journalists Association 22 Le Loi Street, Mr. Tuyet on Hung Dao street or Mr. Hien on Ba Trieu street.
    bun bo a typical hue food

    Bun Bo

  2. Com hen ( mussel rice) is a very famous food to eat in Hue that tourists should never miss. It is combination of fried fat pock, mussel, rice, chili pepper and fresh vegetable. Hue mussel rice is the first choice for breakfast. The best place to eat the rice is Hen hillock.
  1. Banh Hue (Hue cake) is the specialty of Hue cuisine with tasty savor. All of these cakes are made from the same basic ingredients: shrimp, pork, cassava flour, glutinous rice flour and enjoyed with fish sauce. The trick is method to arrange and cook them together which creates the different flavor variations. The following are the most popular cake:
  • Banh Beo (Beo cake) is the tiny, limber cake with the attractive fragrant of rice flour, fried dried shrimp, and the spiciness of the dipping sauce, attracting people when enjoying this cake.
  • Banh Loc (Loc cake) and Banh Nam (Nam cake) are wrapped in fresh banana leaves, the inside cakes have a very unique scent that people can only ‘feel’ it when eating.
    Hue food by night

    RAM IT

  • Banh ram it (ram it cake) is a traditional dish as well as royal food. It is combination of clammy sticky and crispy flour which makes the cake different and delicious savor.
  • Banh Khoai (Khoai cake) attracts people firstly by shape of half-moon. Ingredients to make Banh Khoai are the same other cake of Hue food, however it combines with soybean sauce. Because of the hot and spicy sauce taste, the cake is great food for the winter.


Tourists can see all Hue food below on street

  1. Nem lui (Grilled chopped meat) is one of the most delicious foods in Hue. Nem lui is made from beef, pork, garlic, sugar and fish, formed into sausages around stalks of lemongrass and grilled over charcoal. It is wonderful to eat with half moons of rice paper, soybean sauce and fresh vegetable. Along with kinds of cakes, visitors can enjoy Nem lui at Mr. Do restaurant on Nguyen Binh Khiem street.
  2. Me xung (sesame candy) is small squares really attractive fragrance. The sweetness fat of sugar, sesame, all create an amazing attraction for the candy. It is also one of the specialties of Hue food.

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How to enjoy Hue Food

Food in Hue is not too expensive, you can easily try them on any street. If you want to taste the most authentic specialities, must book a  food tour in Hue