Being the busiest seaport of Asian in the 16th century, Hoi An old town is an outstanding tourist destination in the central of Vietnam. This lantern land is the perfect harmony between the ancient western and eastern infrastructure, which makes a rustic and poetic picture. Especially, to explore Hoi An with a trip full of amaze, excitement and laugh, Hoi An bicycle tour is the best choice. Tourists will be happy and relaxed in this Eco-nature trip.

hoi an bicycle tour full day

What makes Hoi An bicycle tour special

Undoubtedly, this bike tour will help travels enjoy the breathtaking views with all senses. Just imagine the cool breeze and feel the exotic feeling like going to the mystery world.

With the priority of the benefit and favors of the TOURISTS, we- Hidden Land Travel believe that this Hoi An bicycle tour will bring them plenty of marvelous moments with nature and member family.

What is more, our tour guide is very friendly, hospitable, enthusiastic and informative.

hoi an bicycle tour

What to see in Hoi An bicycle tour

  1. Visiting Bay Mau coconut forest is a valuable experience that tourist cannot miss on Hoi An full day bicycle tour. It is the revolutionary base and become the shelter to hide the militants winning the glorious victories.

Coming with Bay Mau Coconut, travelers will sink into the large water coconut space. Moreover; passengers will be surprised with many houses having the low roof which was made completely from the coconuts.

  1. Cua Dai Bridge is another outstanding destination. In fact, it is the longest sea-crossing bridge of Quang Nam and brings the historic and cultural values. In truth, it is also the pride of Quang Nam people.

3.Tra Nhieu Eco-village of Hoi An countryside bicycle tour is compared an embarrassingly beautiful girl, and the tourist will reach the immense water coconut as a fence protecting the village.


Coming with Tra Nhieu village, tourists have an interesting experience, sailing to enjoy the fresh nature, and seeing schools of fish excitedly swimming. Walking through the small hamlet or Monkey Bridge through the coconut is an appealing detail.

  1. Paying a visit to Duy Hai fishing village is the activity tourist cannot miss out on this Hoi An bicycle tour. Surely, it is perfectly appropriate for whoever lying in the bustling life and fond of trying a completely different lifestyle. In fact, tourist will tempt themselves into the cool water.

Hoi An bicycle tour itinerary

8:30 Our tour guide will meet travels at the hotel and pick them up to the journey after teaching them some basic Vietnamese words.

9:30 Paying a visit to Bay Mau coconut forest and drawn themselves in nature with fresh air and the twittering of bird to enjoy the great outdoors and unwind.

11:30 Tourist will pass through Cua Dai Bridge. Standing on the bridge, tourists are able to contemplate overall the beauty of Hoi An ancient city. Moreover, this is the opportunity for them to take the picture with friends and family.

12:00 Visiting Duy Hai fishing village and see the daily activities of the village: throwing, dragging net, peddling basket boats and tasting local specialties.

14:00 Taking a boat trip on Hoi An river.

15:00 Coming to Tra Nhieu village, travelers have the chance to observe locals make the woven mat, experience the daily life of them and hear the traditional fishing technique.

16:30 It’s time to return hotel and ends their trip to Hoi An full day bicycle tour

hoi an bicycle tour in countryside

Great feeling in Hoi An countryside bike tour


  1 pax 2-5 pax 6-10 pax
Price/ person 49 USD 29 USD 25 USD

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We wish the happy and memorable trip for the travelers!