Vong Canh hill is located on the bank of the Perfume River. It is a perfect combination of both river and hill. Therefore, the hill is one of the most outstanding, peaceful and poetic landscape among romantic city of Hue.

vong canh hill

Where Vong Canh hill is

Vong Canh hill belongs to Thuy Xuan village, on the road leading to Emperor Tu Duc tomb, around 7km from Hue city. In fact, it is the eyes of Hue and a popular attraction for tourists.

Why Vong Canh hill is the top choice for travelers

  • The best place to get a panoramic view of the Perfume River
  • The great ideal to combine visiting royal tombs
  • Natural beauty and calmness
  • The most beautiful scenery in the dawn and sunset
  • Large space and cool atmosphere appropriating for outside activities

vong canh hill hue

On the hill, the visitors will see the green gardens of the tree, orange, tangerine, tea… and ball pine, roof tiles of some village as Huong Ho, Hai Cat. Especially, the tourists will see the royal tombs of Nguyen dynasty, Hon Chen temple and other wonderful landscapes. Furthermore, coming to the hill in the dawn or sunset, travelers will admire the fantastic beauty of paradise obviously. No other place is greater than here to get the beautiful photos.

dawn in vong canh hill

The best way to explore Vong Canh hill

As mentioned, a cheapest Hue private car to combine visiting the royal tombs is the perfect choice for the visitors. Besides, just some minutes to get the popular tourist destinations such as the tombs of Tu Duc, conical hat village, incense village and Tu Hieu temple. Therefore, an elective Hue city tour one day to visit these place is never bad idea. The other recommendation, the travelers can explore by themselves thank to safety Hue motorbike rental. Let go to enjoy a wonderful trip along with the great photos.