The summer is coming and often goes with the boiling weather. Therefore, the trip to Elephant Spring will help tourists forget the extreme temperature when visiting Hue or Hoi An, Da Nang. Just imagine the feeling to dawn into the fresh dip and listen to the sound of the water pouring. It would be so amazing! Let’s come and join with us.


Amazing feeling in Elephant Spring

Elephant Spring location

It is on Loc Tien Commune, Phu Loc District about 52 km out of Hue city. Travelers can take the high 1 south of Hue, and pay attention to the road markets. However, the path is neither easy nor well-marked, so visitors should better accompany with an experience tour-guide in Hue who is friendly, professional, dedicated and helpful.

Things to do at Elephant Spring

Surely, the journey to Elephant Spring will be a better-than-imagine choice with a Hue private car tour or Hue to Hoi and by motorbike tour full day as it is a great summer getaway.

Along the path, a great deal of colorful forest flowers appears like to welcome the tourists. Moreover, it is the collecting consisting of many rocks arranged together.


The valuable experience in Elephant rock

Specifically, the most impression is the rock having the shape of a huge elephant beside the green stream. In fact, according to the local people, it is also the origin of this destination.

Especially, when coming Elephant spring, travelers have the gold opportunity to harmonize with the nature, and from that, they can forget the stress and sadness of present life.

Furthermore, the visitors can enjoy the refreshing dip in the green pond, as well as breathe the fresh air. At the same time, hearing the sound of the series of bird and pouring of stream is thing that tourists can experience.

Apart from that, enjoy the local cuisine is the must-try activities when coming to Elephant spring. The specialities such as the stream fresh fish, forest chicken, steamed clear tapioca certainly attract both the domestic and foreign tourist.

Additionally, the wonderful destination will be perfectly suitable for whoever is the avid fan of taking photos. This is due to the fact that it will give them the chance to have the memorable minutes with the fantastic views.

Besides, the high area of the spring will be ideal for people who are fond of adventure and experience the strong as well as toxic emotion.


The notes the passengers need to know when they come to Elephant spring

The necessary clothes like bikini, underwear and the sun scream or hat are the unessential thing. Furthermore, in terms of the useful information about the trip, they need to do a research about

·        The insurance: 5.000 VND

·        Entrance ticket: 15.000 VND

·        Motorbike parking fee: 2.000 VND

·        Dressing room fee: 1.000VND

Elephant Spring is quite near Hue City and Hoi An, so to make travelers more satisfactory, they are likely to join in Hue city tour one day or enjoy court music on Perfume River boat tour. Besides, the tour to Hoi an Monkey Mountain and Marble Mountain motorbike tour  is another great choice.