DMZ tour Hue- Budget daily group tour

DMZ Viet Namis one of top attractions for tourists especially foreigners ever come to visit destinations in the central of Viet Nam. The DMZ is located at the 17th parallel,forming by the Geneva Agreement. From then on, the place was seen as the most harshest and fiercebattlefield of Quang Tri Province and Viet Nam. Being suffered by thousands ton of bombs, bullets as well as napalm, phosphorous and herbicide has caused the bad consequences till nowadays. Coming here you have a chance to discover Viet Nam history and listen to the moving stories of how Vietnamese soldiers had fall down to fight for peace.DMZ Tour Hue daily group tour would love to be with you to visit the holy DMZ Viet Nam and bring you the best moment in the tour.



6:45-7:00 am. Pick up at your hotel in Hue city. You will have breakfast at the Thang Long City Tour Restaurant. Also, we spend minutes brief the tour program about times, destinations and notices during the trip. Then we start DMZ tour Hue by heading to Dong Ha cityfor visit first destinations.

9:00 am. Arrive at Dakrong Bridge which was an important transportation route to from the North to the South in Viet Nam War. Coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to communicate with Pa Co ethnic who was resilient people in fights against invaders. Then we will be driving by Ho Chi Minh Trail and visiting Khe Sanh Combat Base to witness the real battlefield with bombs, tanks, helicopters.

12:00 am.Having lunch


1:00 pm. Our guide and car take you back to the war sites with the most famous destinations including Dong Ha Town, Doc Mieu Base, museum Tunnels. Among those, the highlight of our DMZ Tour Hue Viet Nam is intense Hien Luong-Ben Hai River. The bridge is 178 m long with 2 distinct colors represent for the two opposition parties of Viet Nam in the past. It took 21 years for Vietnamese people to be united as a family of the North and the South. As recorded Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River is the most intense battlefield with tears, blood and pains of separation. Our tour guide will show you how bad the War was by telling the stories of people, old soldiers that inspire Vietnamese generation to remind of such a heroic past of country.

Also, on the way, a place that can’t be missed to visit is amazing VinhMoc tunnel-stunning complex of tunnels where thousands of people used as shelter. The tunnel was built in 1966 including many structures and parts such as: wells, meeting room, clinics, maternity homes, surgery station, Hoang Cam stove, rice warehouse, and station phone. With the total length of 2 km and many entrances, VinhMoc tunnel played an important rule for people and soldiers in spite of the fact that some of conditions inside were really bad. Anyways, this construction represented for the great effort of residents to win the war and has been being an attractive destinations for those who want to know about a real Viet Nam, true history.

4:30 pm. Driver transfers you back to Hue city.

6:00 pm. Drop you off at your hotel. End DMZ tour Hue– Budget daily group tour.


  1. A/C Bus
  2. English speaking guide
  3. 3.Breakfast
  4. Entrance fees (VinhMoc Tunnels and KheSanh Combat base)


  1. Lunch
  2. Drink
  3. Insurance
PRICES/PERSON  450.000 VND (19 usd/pax/day)






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