Da Nhim Lake – A Hidden Gem Amidst Pine Forests

Da Nhim Lake – A Hidden Gem Amidst Pine Forests

Da Nhim Lake is a mesmerizing emerald gem nestled in the heart of the Da Lat mountains that you shouldn’t miss out on. As you venture further away from the central Da Lat area, nature unveils its grandeur with lush beauty and panoramic vistas. The scenery is a harmonious blend of the sky’s wispy clouds and the towering peaks, an enchanting sight that holds you captive. Over time, Da Lat has been renowned as a city of tourism, gifted with numerous breathtaking landscapes, fresh air, and cool climate.

1.1 Location of Da Nhim Lake

  • Location: Situated in Dran town, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province.
  • Opening hours: Open to the public.
  • Ticket price: Free of charge.

Also known as Don Duong Lake, Da Nhim Lake is an artificial reservoir. It is about 40km away from Da Lat city, heading towards Ninh Thuan province. The lake lies beside the Da Nhim hydroelectric plant, standing vibrant amidst the magnificent nature.

1.2 Introduction to Da Nhim Lake

The lake covers approximately 10km² of water surface, located about 1,040 meters above sea level. Its reservoir capacity is around 160 million cubic meters. This remarkable project, built by Japanese engineers, is regarded as one of the most unique constructions in Southeast Asia.

The name “Da Nhim” is derived from the river that feeds it, also named Da Nhim. When you visit, you’ll immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, captivated by the magical, serene scenery. Da Nhim is a perfect harmony of vibrant turquoise waters, rolling waves kissed by the breeze, and surrounding hills that create a mesmerizing, tranquil scene.

2. Directions to Da Nhim Lake

Da Nhim Lake is enclosed by mountainous terrain and is situated near Dran Pass. If you’re traveling from Da Lat, take the route toward Cau Dat and Tram Mat, then cross Dran Pass. This route is renowned as the most spectacular suburban road in Da Lat.

Alternatively, if you’re heading to Da Lat from Saigon, take the direction towards Duc Trong district and then turn towards Da Ron – Lac Xuan. Subsequently, cross the vast vegetable field, the largest in Lam Dong.

If you’re starting from Phan Rang, follow the route through Ngoan Muc Pass to enjoy the winding, curvy roads that occasionally vanish from sight.

3. Exploring Da Nhim Lake in Da Lat

3.1 The Legend of Da Nhim Lake

The picturesque surroundings here are associated with the legendary love story of K’Lang and her husband, Ha Biang. A tragic love story, full of tears, holds deep meanings about life, relationships, and a woman’s loyalty to her husband.

The locals say that the emerald waters of the lake represent the tears shed by K’Lang for her beloved husband. The story goes that due to natural disasters and droughts, Ha Biang bid farewell to his wife to fight for justice for their homeland. Sadly, he lost his life on this mission.

3.2 The Azure Beauty of Da Nhim Lake

Da Nhim Lake offers a blend of tropical and temperate climates. Each visit to Da Lat introduces you to various weather patterns. Da Nhim welcomes you with morning mist, golden sunrays, or unexpected rain showers.

You’ll fall in love with the cool, fresh, and invigorating climate of Da Nhim. During clear days, take a leisurely stroll around the lake, immersing yourself in the captivating panorama.

3.3 Dran Pass and Ngoan Muc Pass – The Routes to Da Nhim Lake

Admire the beauty of Da Nhim Lake as you traverse Dran Pass and Ngoan Muc Pass. These mountain passes are characterized by steep inclines, winding curves, and panoramic views.

The stunning Da Nhim, like a piece of precious silk, glistens with its pure green color, captivating and enchanting all who behold it.



3.4 Exploring the Da Nhim Hydroelectric Plant

Today, the Da Nhim hydroelectric plant has become an essential part of the local lifestyle in the Da Lat mountain region. Through ups and downs, the Da Nhim hydroelectric plant has developed and provided hydroelectric resources for the local population.

The hydroelectric plant holds a strategic position, contributing significantly to the power supply in Lam Dong province, with a capacity of up to 160,000 KW.

On holidays or weekends, take a stroll around the lake to relax, breathe in the fresh air, and rejuvenate after days of work.

4. Tips for Your Visit to Da Nhim Lake in Da Lat

To ensure safety during long journeys and while crossing challenging mountain passes, it’s recommended to travel in groups. Alternatively, consider hiring a local guide familiar with the terrain to navigate the roads easily.

For picturesque photographs, visit between 5 AM to 9 AM when the lighting is favorable for capturing beautiful shots without being exposed to intense sunlight for long periods.

Opt for comfortable, suitable, and tidy clothing. Avoid carrying bulky items to facilitate movement.

Choose the dry season, particularly sunny days from December to April, as rainy weather may impact your travel plans.

If you’re an adventurous spirit seeking to challenge your limits, The is the perfect destination for exploration. Hopefully, the information provided will be useful for your journey. Don’t forget to capture and share your incredible moments with Hidden Land Travel.

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