Explore Monkey Mountain


Monkey Mountain is a part of the impressive Son Tra peninsula, centre of Viet Nam. The mountain spreads to the sea, likes a giant arm protecting the whole Da Nang Vietnam. Monkey Mountain along with Marble Mountain and Ba Na Hill are always the top attractive destination in Da Nang city.

Explore Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain belongs to Son Tra district, 10 km from centre of Da Nang city. Furthermore, it is about 50 km from Hoi An ancient town and 110 km from Hue Vietnam.


Linh Ung temple

Linh Ung temple is the largest, newest and most beautiful of three Linh Ung temples in Da Nang. At here, tourists will see the highest bodhisattva statue in Vietnam (67m). Today, it is one of the most significant pilgrimage destinations for Buddhists in Vietnam.

Explore Monkey Mountain

Chess board peak

Chess board peak is an ideal place for a panoramic view of Da Nang city. Adventure to the peak is suitable for people who like to explore and conquer. The path is zigzag, both smooth and winding making experiential journey. Approach to the peak, the tourists not only enjoy the scenery but also have chance to play chess with a god.

Explore Monkey Mountain

Thousand years old Banyan Tree

Travelers will be surprised with unique giant banyan tree with dozens of roots spanning down to ground. It is considered as the heritage of the city. The giant tree is an ideal place for tourists to a rest, and awesome photos.

Explore Monkey Mountain

Army Radar Station – Indochina Miraculous Eyes

Army radar station is a military area and still used to protect territorial sovereignty, so the travelers can not visit the radar station, but they can stop and interesting pictures with characteristic three white orbs.


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