Hue to Da Nang motorbike trip is the top choice for visitors traveling in the central Vietnam in this summer. Hidden Land Travel will accopany with you in today’s article in order to provides you the most popular vehicles, routes, realxing places and check in to have an amazing time in Vietnam and take the highlights for the trip.

Hue to Da Nang motorbike rental

Hue to Da Nang motorbike rental


1. Vehicle

The first and most important thing is to have a motorbike. However, it does not a big matter to get a big motorcycle. You can use a convenient scooter like Yamaha novou 135cc or semi-automatic as long as they are well-maintained and stable to ride during the trip.

2. So how is a good and safe motorbike?.

  • Before departing, you have to make sure the brake, tire, tear chain are not too worn and the engine is in good condition. If there are any malfunction or broken, you must suggest to the motorbike repair shop to change new ones otherwise you may reget with troubles on the way.
  • Lubricant components are still good, it is best to replace the new one.
  • Full of gasoline and speedometer is working normally.
  • Protective gear: Large helmets, dustproof glasses
    Hand protection, knees and full eyes
  • Prepare for a life jacket if you do not know how to swim
  • Sunglasses and anti-glare glasses at night
  • Connected 3G or data smart phone to get the map and contact to others.
  • Some first aid kits such as wrenches, pliers, pump, gas suction, new tires in case the motorbike repair shop does not have that tire types.
  • Raincoat.
  • Lastly and most importantly, MONEY is used when eating, sleeping, buying tickets and in case the motorbike has troubles.


Hue to Da Nang motorbike trip

Route of Hue to Da Nang motorbike hire trip

Normally, travelers often choose National Highway 1A with many trucks and less scenic roadside to depart for the trip. However, Hue motorbike rental will introduce a new route of Hue to Da Nang motorcycle rental via coastal roads with more picturesque scenery.

1. Hue City – Thanh Toan Tile Bridge

This road is where you start to be away from the city and drive through peacful paddy fields to an ancient village of about 500 years called Thanh Toan. Here you can feel the countryside atmosphere, Thanh Toan tile bridge and agricultural tools in the local museum.

2. Thanh Toan Bridge – Truong Ha Bridge

Leave Thanh Toan you continue Hue Da Nang motorbike ride to cross the fields then turn to Nguyen Tat Thanh street. After running through the airport you will see a crossroad then go straight or turn left  you will be at the highway 1A. Turn left and stop at Truong Ha bridge.

3. Truong Ha Bridge – Tu Hien Beach

Leave Truong Ha Bridge and drive along coastal road you will stop at Tu Hien beach .At here, over your right side is the largest Tam Giang lagoon in Southeast Asia, the other side is beach. For sure, this is one of the most beautiful spots among destinations of tinerary of motorbike from Hue to Da nang journey.

4. Tu Hien Beach – Elephant Spring

Leave the narowly and keep following the lagoon then turn to National Highway 1A you will get to Phu Gia tunnels. It is about 15km for you head to the Elephant Spring.  The road is slightly rugged, you will be notified stop and buy tickets to visit 15,000 VND plus 20,000 VND. There are many huts for you to choose to relax, swim and have lunch. These would be located in different high points. The higher hut you choose, the cleaner water stream would be.

5. Elephant Spring – Lap An Lagoon – Hai Van Mountain Pass

Continue to Hue to Da Nang motorbike adventure, you just remember to go through Lap An Lagoon as the map below, it’s definitely outstanding on the way. Along the way there are several local huts in which you can stop to have lunch and prepare to Hai Van Pass.

6. Hai Van Pass – Thuan Phuoc Bridge

There are 3 places to have a spectacular view of Hai Van Pass and to have safety. The first one is crossing northern Hai Van railway to see Lang Co Bay. The next one is the mountain peak. Lastly Van village.

7. Thuan Phuoc Bridge – My Khe Beach – Marble Mountains – Hoi An / Da Nang

The first thing to do is through the coastal road of Da Nang to Thuan Phuoc bridge to see the whole view of the city. You can also stop at My Khe Beach before heading to the Marble Mountains. There are 2 separate visiting areas. In addition, you can buy a ticket of 15,000 VND for using elevator if you feel tired and then head to Hoi An or back to Da Nang. Sucessfully finish  Hue Da Nang motorbike trip.

Hue motorbike rental will provide you the cheapest, strongest, most stable and support for your trip. Also, we provide Hue to Da Nang/Hoi An top gear tour which an ideal choice for you as our friendly tour guide and supporters are ready. Let’s take a trip and we are ready for the memorable trip with you!

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