Ta Dung – A Hidden Gem in Đắk Nông Province, Vietnam

Ta Dung – A Hidden Gem in Đắk Nông Province, Vietnam

Tà Đùng is a serene freshwater lake nestled in the mountains, located within the Tà Đùng Nature Reserve in Đắk Nông Province. Covering an area of over 3000 hectares with around 40 small and large islands scattered across the lake, this destination has been compared to an on-land version of Ha Long Bay in the Central Highlands region. Although the local government hasn’t invested significantly in developing tourism in Tà Đùng, visitors from all over are drawn to witness the beauty of this mountain lake.

Travel Experience to Ta Dung, Đắk Nông

Tà Đùng plays a crucial role in safeguarding the headwaters of two major rivers, Serepok and Đồng Nai. It serves as the primary water source for daily life and economic activities in the southern key economic region. In 2011, due to the damming of the Đồng Nai River for hydroelectric power plants, extensive areas of Tà Đùng were submerged under water. The once towering hills are now mostly submerged, creating a unique landscape with stunning and fascinating scenery. From above, the islands scattered throughout the lake resemble a miniature version of Ha Long Bay.

Lake Tà Đùng belongs to the Tà Đùng National Park, which was initially a forestry area called Đắk P’lao, then designated as a Nature Reserve before being upgraded to a National Park. The location is approximately 40 km from Gia Nghĩa City and falls within the administrative boundaries of Đắk Som commune in Đắk G’long district. The lake’s average depth is around 20 meters.

Tà Đùng is also considered the tallest mountain range in Đắk Nông Province, with an elevation of 1982 meters above sea level. Tà Đùng National Park spans over 23,000 hectares and boasts a diverse ecosystem with numerous species, some of which are listed in Vietnam’s and the world’s red books of endangered species.


Best Time to Visit Ta Dung

Ta Dung experiences a temperate tropical highland climate with influences from the hot dry southwestern monsoon. The climate can be divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season from April to November and the dry season from November to April of the following year. The average yearly temperature ranges from 21-22ºC, providing a comfortable climate for most of the year.

The best time to visit Tà Đùng is during the rainy season, typically from July to October, when the reservoirs fill up due to increased water accumulation from hydroelectric plants. However, visiting during the rainy season might be hindered by unfavorable weather conditions, including mist and heavy rain. Alternatively, the dry season, particularly during summer, provides opportunities for swimming in the lake and capturing vibrant blue skies in your photographs.

Getting to Ta Dung By Private Vehicle

  • From Hanoi: The journey from Hanoi to Ta Dung is quite long, spanning around 1500 km. If you’re planning a cross-country road trip, it’s advisable to allocate around 8 to 9 days for this trip. You can refer to the Hanoi-Da Nang road trip itinerary and then continue on the Da Nang-Central Highlands route, which includes Tà Đùng.
  • From Ho Chi Minh City: The distance is shorter, around 250 km, which translates to about 6 hours of travel time. You can take either of the following routes:
    1. Through Bình Dương and Bình Phước, then take QL 14 to Gia Nghĩa City and proceed to Tà Đùng.
    2. Take the CT 01 Long Thành – Dầu Giây expressway, then switch to QL 20 and QL 28 to reach Tà Đùng. This route also offers the option of visiting Bảo Lộc and spending a night there before heading to Tà Đùng.

Public Transportation

  • By Coach: If you’re traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, you can take sleeper buses heading to Đắk Nông, with most of them stopping at Gia Nghĩa City. From there, you can rent a motorbike and ride to Tà Đùng.
  • By Air: For those with limited time or coming from distant locations, flying is an optimal choice. The nearest airports are Buôn Ma Thuột and Đà Lạt (Lien Khuong Airport), both around 180 km and 120 km away from Tà Đùng, respectively.

Things to Do in Tà Đùng

  • Camping: Set up camp and enjoy a BBQ dinner by the fire while surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the lake. Wake up to a peaceful morning and savor a cup of coffee while gazing at the picturesque scenery.
  • Trekking: Adventure enthusiasts can choose from various trekking routes within the Tà Đùng National Park or explore the Tà Đùng mountain peak. Contact the National Park Management or forestry authorities for detailed trekking guidance.
  • Boating on the Lake: Experience the serene beauty of the lake by taking a boat ride. Rent a boat from local residents at the Tà Đùng boat dock, with prices ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND depending on group size and trip duration.
  • Swimming: Pack your swimsuit, as you might have the chance to take a refreshing dip in the lake’s clear waters, especially during the hotter months. Whether it’s at your accommodation’s pool, in the streams along the hiking route, or directly in the lake, the choice is yours.
  • Ta Dung National Park: With a majority of the area covered by dense forests and expansive lakes, this national park boasts a diverse range of plant and animal species, including over 1000 species of fauna and flora. Many of these are listed in Vietnam’s and the world’s red books of endangered species.

Stunning Photography Spots

  • Tà Đùng Topview Homestay: This homestay offers accommodation as well as an opportunity for visitors to purchase tickets to access the property for photography purposes.

Exploring Ethnic Culture

  • Mông Ethnic Market: The weekly Mông ethnic market in Đắk Som showcases the traditional culture and lifestyle of the H’Mông people. This market has become a cultural highlight for over 40 ethnic groups in Đắk Nông Province.

Cultural Heritage

  • Ancient B’ Srê B Fig Tree: The ancient B’ Srê B fig tree in Đắk Som, with an estimated age of over 200 years, stands as a cultural symbol and historical witness to the local community’s way of life.

Liêng Nung Waterfall

  • Liêng Nung Waterfall, also known as Diệu Thanh Waterfall, is a picturesque cascade located in N’Jriêng village, Đắk Nia commune, Gia Nghĩa City. The waterfall has a height of around 30 meters and originates from Hồ Đắk Nia. This area is surrounded by villages of the M’nông and Mạ ethnic communities.

Capture Beautiful Memories

  • Ta Dung Topview Homestay: This homestay not only offers lodging but also the opportunity for visitors to purchase tickets for sightseeing and photography purposes.

By embracing the breathtaking beauty of Tà Đùng, you’ll create lasting memories of Vietnam’s stunning landscapes and diverse cultural heritage. Plan your trip now and embark on an unforgettable adventure to this hidden gem in Đắk Nông Province.



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