Thuy Bieu village


Thuy Bieu village was unified from Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan. The name of the village has a significant meaning; Thuy means “water” and “Bieu” means “bottle,” Thuy understood as “bottle of water.” The name may term from its location, covered by Perfume River.

Location of Thuy Bieu village

Thuy Bieu village

Lying on the right bank of Perfume River, 4km from city. Thuy Bieu village is one of the most stopping attraction for tourists visiting to discover a hidden charm of Vietnam.

Characteristics of Thuy Bieu village


Although lying next to a modern and busy Hue city, the village remains for itself the peace and ancient. Approaching to here, visitors have a chance to enjoy both beautiful nature and sweet Thanh Tra, a kind of pomelo which boasts refined fragrance and green skin which used to offer to the royal family. According to Nguyen historical document over 200 years ago, among of specialties cross country, mild sweet Thanh Tra stood on the list as famous fruits of the land of Phu Xuan.

Thuy Bieu village


Another especial feature that tourist can see here is hundred-year village hall. This is one kind of houses without partition which made from lots of wooden pillars which were decorated by carving the shapes of clouds, flower and contains many culture values.



The outstanding representative of village hall construction is “Dinh Lang Luong Quan” with a traditional architecture and three compartments. At here, there are two precious objects from Mac – Le dynasty. “Dinh Lang Luong Quan” is cultural heritage by GENERAL SCIENCES LIBRARY OF HO CHI MINH CITY

There is no many places which can remain a lot of unique and ancient structure such Thuy Bieu Village. The most famous structure is Ho Quyen Voi Re arena with the age of 183 years. Although many years pass, it still keeps almost initial appearance with inside and outside walls, stand, stone steps, entrance gate and so on.



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