Experience Adventurous Travel in Mang Den, Kon Tum

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Experience Adventurous Travel in Mang Den, Kon Tum – A Guide for Travel Enthusiasts

If you’re searching for a new and exciting travel destination after the pandemic, Măng Đen Kon Tum, is the perfect place for you. Today, Green Mart will share adventurous travel experiences in Mang Den for travel enthusiasts.

Overview of Mang Den

Mang Đen is located in Đăk Long town, Kon Plông district, Kon Tum province, at an altitude of approximately 1100 meters above sea level. With its diverse and abundant vegetation in the primeval forest and numerous lakes and waterfalls, Mang Den is now a prominent ecological area in the country. It is situated between Mang Den Pass and Violak Pass on National Highway 24, about 50 km from Kon Tum city. It is also the center of Kon Plông district.

As a newly emerging destination on the Central Highlands’ travel map, Mang Den attracts travelers with its fresh and cool climate and peaceful, pristine surroundings. Moreover, the locals here are friendly, hospitable, and rarely engage in negative behaviors towards tourists.

Mang Den is also known for its spiritual attractions, such as Đức Mẹ Mang Đen (Our Lady of Mang Den). When you visit, make sure to stop by and admire the beauty of this place. Additionally, the unique architectural blend of Tây Nguyên communal houses and pagodas is also worth exploring, especially the famous Khánh Lâm Pagoda.

Best Time to Travel to Mang Den

Mang Den has a climate similar to Đà Lạt, meaning it enjoys a cool and pleasant weather all year round. The temperature never exceeds 26°C in summer and drops to around 5°C in November and December. You can visit Mang Den in any season as each month offers its own special and breathtaking landscapes. For example, cherry blossoms bloom around December and January.

January is the season of apricot and cherry blossoms. In February, you can admire Mimosa and Bauhinia flowers. From March to June, the hills are covered in purple wildflowers (hoa mua) and purple sim flowers (hoa sim). If you visit in June to July, you can enjoy the golden rice fields. August features blooming mâm xôi and phúc bồn tử flowers. In November to December, you can experience the cold of Mang Den amidst the wild sunflowers (hoa dã quỳ).

How to Get to Mang Den

  • If you travel from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) by personal vehicle, take National Highway 14 through Bình Phước, Đắk Nông, and Buôn Ma Thuột before reaching Kon Tum. From Hanoi, you can either take the Hồ Chí Minh Trail directly to Măng Den or travel to Đông Dương intersection first, visit there, and then continue to Kon Tum and finally to Mang Đen.
  • For those using public transportation such as planes or buses, both options are available, but flying is the quickest. The nearest airport to Kon Tum city center is Pleiku Airport in Gia Lai province, approximately 40 km away. For comfortable long-distance travel, sleeping buses are a cost-effective and convenient option, especially if you’re coming from Danang or other provinces.
  • From Saigon to Măng Den: For direct travel to Mang đen without stopping at other locations, you can take the following evening buses from Miền Đông bus station: Phượng Thu Bus (0949839839), Minh Quốc Bus (02603855855), and Phong Phú Bus (19009222).
  • From Kon Tum to Mang đen: For those starting from Kon Tum city before moving to Mang Den, you can choose flexible means of transportation such as buses or motorbikes. If you’re not experienced in riding on mountainous roads, it’s better to take the bus for safety and convenience. There’s only one bus route from Kon Tum to Kon Plong, so be careful not to take the wrong route and get lost! If you prefer a motorbike, you can easily rent one, but choose a sturdy and reliable one with good brakes for safety.
  • In Mang Den, renting a motorbike is the most suitable option as it allows you to comfortably explore the natural beauty without time constraints or fixed schedules.

Accommodation Options in Mang Den

Though the town is small, The town has seen significant tourist development, resulting in a relatively wide range of hotels, guesthouses, and homestays. These accommodations are primarily located in the town center and around popular tourist attractions and recreational areas.

With a shift in travel trends, many homestays have been built to cater to young groups of travelers who often venture out with their friends to explore and have adventures. Here are some recommended accommodations for backpackers traveling to:

  • Sum Villa Homestay Address: Mang Den town, Kon Plông, Kon Tum Phone: 0963220266
  • Chino Mang Den Address: Mang Den town, Kon Plông, Kon Tum Phone: 0942125120
  • Toki Homestay Address: Mang Den, Đăk Long, Kon Plông, Kon Tum Phone: 0961285225

Exciting Destinations and Activities in Mang Den

Mang Den offers numerous beautiful and renowned destinations for travelers. Here are some must-visit places when you travel to Mang Den:

  • Kon Bring: One of the four community-based cultural villages in Kon Plông district, Kon Bring attracts tourists with its magnificent natural beauty. The village is located along National Highway 24, about 3 km east of the district center.
  • Đăk Ke Lake: Originally known as Toong Hơ Poong Lake, with an area of about 3 hectares, Hồ Đăk Ke is mentioned in the legend of the seven lakes and three waterfalls of Mang Den. Here, you can stroll around the lake under the cool weather and avail of various tourist services if you wish.
  • Pa Sỹ Waterfall: Created by the convergence of three major streams , Thác Pa Sỹ stands at a height of 1500 meters above sea level. Unlike other grand waterfalls in the Central Highlands, this waterfall stands out with its gentle and graceful flow.
  • Dambri Lake: One of Mang Den’s renowned culinary and leisure destinations, Hồ Dambri is favored by visitors for resting, dining, fishing, and other activities during weekends.
  • Our Lady of Mang Den Statue: Located about 1 km east of the district’s administrative center, the Đức Mẹ Hill is one of the famous cultural and spiritual tourist destinations. The statue was discovered in 2004 and remains present amidst the mountainous landscape, attracting tens of thousands of pilgrims annually.
  • Khánh Lâm Pagoda: A prominent architectural work that you must visit during your trip to Mang Den. Here, you can not only enjoy nature but also find spiritual meanings for your soul and life, especially for those who follow Buddhism.
  • Explore the Grass Hill: The Grass Hill is located quite far from the town. You can reach it by going to Thác Pa Sỹ tourist area and then venturing deeper into the forest where local residents live. Once there, you can immerse yourself in the vast nature and feel the cool breeze blowing.
  • Mountain Climbing: An exciting activity you should experience. As it is a protected national forest, you need to register with the authorities and obtain permits from the forest management board if you want to visit.