Why should you travel Vietnam by motorbike?

Travel Vietnam by motorbike

There could be thousands of reasons for the motorcycle lovers to answer the question: why traveling by motorbikes and there must be hundreds of reasons to travel Vietnam by motorbike. Here is just some of reasons that have been collecting and experiencing for years by Hidden Land Travel. We would love to show you how excited it would be when travel Vietnam by motorbike and explain why this type of transportation worths every second you take when taking a trip.

1. The harmony of Adventure and Culture discovery.

Unlike any kinds of adventures with  budget daily group tours by bus or comforatble private car, travel Vietnam by motorbike can help to get inside into the hidden parts in country. You can also have chances to visit remote  ethnic villages with different people within a day ride. More, the best motorcylcle provides the ability to get in the tough terrains and bring you to furtherst places in Viet Nam. For exemple, motorbike is considered as the bestt way to do Northern Viet Nam trip such as Ha Noi to Sa Pa  or Ha Gang by Vietnam motobike rental. In fact, doing this trip you will through the crooked roads, mountain pass and local ethnic villages in remote area where everything seem untouched. This gives you chances to discover not only spectacular landscapes but also enjoy specilaities and customs. It worths for a day, isn’t it?

Travel Vietnam by motorbike2. Enjoy specialities when travel vietnam by motorbike

Vietnam has been being known more and more for street and fresh local traditional foods. It also more famous by making plenty of good food and healthier for the people in the world. Travel Vietnam by motorcycle to the heart of the countryside or remote areas of the country you will see the difference between the fresh food cooked by the local and the regular Vietnamese food cooked by the city chief or even foreign chief in a luxury restaurant. Beside a delicious food, we – the experienced Hidden Land Travel tour guides will tell stories of how to make it or relating to the local people who make the food live with those food for whole life. The good meal is not the one with only good food!

Travel Vietnam by motorbike3. Save money when travel Vietnam by motorbike

One of the most important things for visitors to concern to whenever visit a destination is travel expenses. For exemple ,with reasonable Hue motorbike rental, you can find it easier to get a cheap scooter so that you can save money for other expenses. In fact, only 5 USD per day you can visit almost famous places in romantic Hue city within 70km and 10-12 USD per day if you need a long-way trip in suburb. In general, comparing to other vehicles, traveling by scooter help you save half of expenses even more. It would be around 20 to 40 USD to travel around city with private car.In addition, with the appearance of new saving fuel scooters, it’s a good chance for visitors to choose a favor one for .

Travel Vietnam by motorbike4. Breath-taking routes

Vietnam is obviously a beautiful country with a lot of natural and cultural world heritages such as Ha Long Bay, Hue, Phong Nha, Hoi An… Some people said if you’ve never been to Halong Bay it means you’ve never been in Vietnam. But the other may say if you’ve never been to the remotes area from the north to the south, it means you’ve never seen and experienced the real Vietnam. It’s absolutely true! Hidden Land Travel is dedicated to the ideal that doing motorcycle tours in Vietnam to offers somethings totally different from a regular bus and car tours can offer. Our destinations could be the same but the quality of the trip for us is not the destination, it’s all about the roads and the ways we get there. We’ll do our best to take you on the safest and most scenic possible roads.

Travel Vietnam by motorbike5. Flexibility with Vietnam motorbike

Obviously, travel vietnam by motorbikes is much more flexible than doing by bus, cars or trains…. You can go anywhere you want, riding on the smooth free ways or crossing the rivers or getting inside the jungles. More, you can stop any where to take pictures quickly or stop the bikes on the roadside for a long trek up hills. It’s true to say traveling by a fancy bus with an AC is like staying home and watch a movie and traveling by motorbike is like an actor in the movie. An actor can do everything with his life and his film but the audiences just sit quiet there and wait.

Travel Vietnam by motorbike with Hidden Land Travel

What you can have to travel Vietnam by motorbike with Hidden Land Travel?

  1. Experienced tour guides and professional consultants in every route.
  2. Many types of motorbike you can take to travel to any route in Viet Nam such as: Semi automatic 110cc, Yamaha Novou 110 cc, Yamaha Novou 135cc, Honda Airblade 125cc, Yamaha XTZ 150 cc, Manual Honda XR 150cc…
  3. Particularly, the company has gas out maintenance of motorcycles daily to ensure the quality of the bike.
  4. We support you on the trip with necessary information of accomodation, routes and probems with motorbikes