What to visit in Quy Nhon

What to visit in Quy Nhon. Hottest Day and Night Attractions

Quy Nhon city is one of the hottest tourist destinations on the Vietnam travel map. If you’re wondering what to do in Quy Nhon, here’s a detailed list of exciting attractions you can explore during the day and night:

What to visit in Quy Nhon Daytime Attractions:

  1. Eo Gio – Ky Co: Experience breathtaking coastal scenery. Eo Gio is famous for its unique rock formations created by the sea’s influence. Ky Co offers the phenomenon of two-tone sea waters, with deeper blue hues farther from the shore. Enjoy beach activities, water sports, and stunning views.


Nhon Hai – Hon Kho: Explore Nhon Hai Beach and Hon Kho Island, known for clear blue waters, white sandy shores, and vibrant underwater ecosystems. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and various water activities.

  1. Cu Mong Pass: Enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, archery, hiking, and zip-lining. The area also offers a playground for children and camping facilities.

  1. Ghenh Rang Tien Sa: A coastal area featuring rocky formations, sandy beaches, and cultural sites. Explore the natural beauty and historical significance of this place.
  2. Cham Towers: Discover unique Cham architecture and history at the various Cham towers scattered around Quy Nhon.
  3. Cu Lao Xanh: Visit this serene island with diverse marine life, stunning coral reefs, and beautiful landscapes. Engage in outdoor activities and explore the island’s natural wonders.
  4. Bai Xep Fishing Village: Immerse yourself in the tranquil life of a fishing village. Learn about local fishing activities and indulge in fresh seafood.
  5. Phuong Mai Sand Dunes: Climb the sand dunes, enjoy panoramic views of Quy Nhon, and have fun taking creative photos.
  6. Ham Ho – The “Land of Rocks”: Discover Ham Ho, an eco-tourism site with boat tours, historical sites, and unique rock formations.
  7. Quang Trung Museum: Learn about the history of the Tay Son Rebellion and traditional Tay Son martial arts.
  8. Trung Luong Picnic Area: Enjoy outdoor activities, have a picnic, or camp overnight in a natural setting.
  9. Zoo Safari Park: Explore the FLC Quy Nhon Safari Park, interact with animals, and enjoy family-friendly activities.
  10. Mui Vi Rong: Experience stunning coastal landscapes and unique rock formations that resemble a dragon.

What to visit in Quy Nhon At Nighttime Attractions:

  1. Quy Nhon Night Market: Discover local foods and goods at the night market with numerous stalls offering various dishes and souvenirs.
  2. Surf Bar: Enjoy a European-style beach bar experience with stunning night views.
  3. Le Duc Tho Street: Watch cultural performances and explore the artistic and lively atmosphere.
  4. Ham Tu Harbor: Sample local seafood dishes at late-night seafood eateries.
  5. City Squares: Experience the vibrant nightlife at Quy Nhon’s central squares with bustling activity.
  6. Ngo Van So Street: Savor local delicacies and street food in a lively night atmosphere.
  7. Pubs and Bars: Explore the city’s vibrant nightlife scene with a variety of pubs and bars offering live music and entertainment.

Promote Quy Nhon as a wonderful travel destination with its natural beauty, historical sites, diverse culinary scene, and lively nightlife. Whether enjoying serene beaches, exploring cultural attractions, or indulging in local cuisine, Quy Nhon offers a rich and unforgettable experience for international tourists visiting What to visit in Quy Nhon


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