With the beauty of Perfume River and many captivating sites, Hue was the national capital under Nguyen Dynasty. With such a rich history, Hue City claims several distinctive dishes and it is the result of palace processing influence. Therefore, Hue street food tour by night is an outstanding one that tourist cannot miss out when visiting this royal land. From that, visitors can get knowledge about its ingredient, the making process and understand more its massive culture.

hue street food tour

Hue cuisine

What make Hue street food by night tour worth visiting?

The travelers have the chance to visit Dong Ba Market – the oldest and the most crucial commercial center of Hue city, learn about the culinary and culture and enjoy Hue court music on Perfume River tour by boat. Especially, they will pay after enjoining the wonderful trip.

Moreover, an English-speaking tour guide will be the companion on their trip. In fact, he will make it much more valuable because he is mighty fantastic, hospitable, friendly and knowledgeable.

Hue street food by night tour will last from 3 to 4 hours and 4-5p.m is the ideal time for us to set off the journey.

hue street food tour by night

Hue street food tour by night

Hue street food tour itinerary

  • Our tour-guide will meet travels at the hotel and pick them up, then passing Truong Tien Bridge– the loyalty witness with time.
  • After that, visiting Dong Ba local market is what they do. Specifically, tourist has the opening to know about the ingredient of cuisine and experience the bustling life of the locals. Bun Bo, which is the noodle soup with beef pork and grilled pork, is the outstanding food among Hue cuisine.
bun bo in hue street food tour

Hue beef noodle

  • While sitting in the cycle, tourist will sink into the poetic beauty of Perfume River- white, green, sea-green and flaming red. Then, arrive the most famous garden restaurant and enjoy the conventional foods.
  • After enjoy Hue cuisine, tourist will take part in cycling into Hue citadel – and enjoy Me Xung– sesame candy
me xung in hue street food tour

Me Xung

  • Travelers cannot stand eating Che Hem– sweet soup because it is one of the flavored culinary of Hue city.
  • Right now, visitors will enjoy Hue folk music on Perfume river and drawn into the peaceful as well as poetic atmosphere
  • Last but not least, Vietnamese is also famous for coffee, so tasting a cup of condensed milk coffee or beer is a great thing to do. That is the time we finish Hue street food tour.
coffee in hue street food tour by night

Hue coffee

These are the tasty foods that tourist can enjoy

  1. Beo cake– literally water fern cake
  2. Khoai cake– stuffed rice pancake
  3. Com Hen– “cau lau con”
  4. Chung Cake ( stuffed sticky rice cake )
  5. Ram it– sticky rice dumpling on a fried dumpling
  6. Nem lui– grilled chopped meat
  7. Green tea

Price per person:

hue stress food tour price

How to enjoy Hue street food tour

Undoubtedly, street food tour by night in Hue is the budget-friend street cuisines. The most important thing is that you can enjoy this wonderful food by booking Hue cooking class and eco village tour one day with Hue Royal Court. Besides it, using Hue private car tour full day is a good suggestion for travelers to explore Hue as well as its culinary food. Let’s join in with us right now.