Ban Gioc Waterfall

Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Ban Gioc Waterfall – The Gem of Southeast Asia


Nicknamed the most beautiful waterfall in Southeast Asia, Ban Gioc Waterfall captivates visitors with its contrasting yet harmonious charm. Join MoMo on a journey to Cao Bang for an up-close and personal experience of the majestic mountains, lush forests, and glistening streams.

Embraced by nature’s generosity, this beautiful Waterfall showcases a blend of serenity and grandeur, making it a pride of the people of Cao Bang. Despite lacking extravagant man-made structures or novel experiential services, this destination continues to mesmerize travelers with its untouched beauty, pure air, and tranquil ambiance, allowing them to immerse themselves in the sounds of the mountains and flowing streams.

Ban Gioc WaterfallIntroduction to Ban Gioc Waterfall

Situated at the Vietnam-China border, Ban Gioc Waterfall stands tall at 60 meters, spanning 300 meters and comprised of three majestic limestone tiers. Flowing from its upper source, the cascades of various sizes travel through white foamy layers of rocks, winding their way amidst lush green forests, ultimately pouring down in thunderous torrents, resembling a curtain of rain.

The ideal time to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall is from June to February of the following year. During this period, the region experiences the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season, ensuring a strong water flow, coupled with the vibrant changes of nature as leaves blossom and new shoots emerge.


Getting to Cao Bang and Ban Gioc Waterfall

Journey to Cao Bang

As a mountainous province, Cao Bang relies mainly on road transportation, as the railway and air travel infrastructure are not well-developed.

By Air:

From southern provinces, travelers can fly to Hanoi and then proceed to Cao Bang either by bus or self-driving. MoMo offers quick and convenient flight booking with prices ranging from 600,000 to 800,000 VND one-way, providing various airline options.

By Bus:

Departing from My Dinh Bus Station in Hanoi, there are numerous options for buses traveling to Cao Bang, with diverse schedules and prices ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 VND per berth for a 7-hour journey.

By Personal Vehicle:

Self-driving or renting a car has become increasingly popular among young travelers. This option allows you to manage your own itinerary, save on costs, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the way.


Journey to Ban Gioc Waterfall

By Bus:

Traveling by bus to Ban Gioc Waterfall has become convenient and affordable, with buses departing from Cao Bang Bus Station. The journey stops at the final destination right at the entrance of the waterfall.

By Personal Vehicle:

For those seeking more flexibility, driving your own vehicle or renting a motorcycle for around 100,000 VND per day is a great option. However, do exercise caution when navigating the steep and rugged mountainous routes.


What Makes Ban Gioc Waterfall So Irresistible to Travelers?


The Most Beautiful Waterfall in Southeast Asia – Changing with the Seasons

Ban Gioc Waterfall is often compared to a white silk strip amid the dense Northeastern forests. Throughout different seasons, the waterfall and its surrounding vegetation transform accordingly.

From June to August, during the rainy season, the waterfall is at its peak flow, presenting a spectacular sight of cascading white foam.

In September and October, the Trung Khanh region is in the rice harvesting season. Visitors can witness the waterfall complemented by the golden hue of ripening rice fields. October also offers a chance to partake in local festivals.

November and December mark the time when Cao Bang’s mountains change their foliage. Visiting Ban Gioc during early winter reveals a serene waterfall, amidst the romantic red and yellow hues of the forest.

Apart from seasonal variations, the waterfall’s appearance varies throughout the day as well. On sunny days, sunlight piercing through the mist creates enchanting rainbows, while on misty days, the waterfall exudes a poetic, dreamlike allure.


 Enthralling Activities at Ban Gioc Waterfall

Although Ban Gioc Waterfall does not offer as many recreational activities as larger eco-tourism sites, it provides a delightful array of nature-centric experiences:

Boat Tour for a Mesmerizing View: Don’t just admire the waterfall from afar; take a thrilling boat ride to the foot of the cascades. On a motorboat, you’ll face the mighty flow from a few dozen meters above, fully immersing in the raw energy of nature, the untamed rushing stream contrasting with the serene landscape of the land, and the tranquil greenery.

Camping: On your way to Ban Gioc, you’ll find ample flat areas to set up a campsite or have a picnic during the day. Pitch a tent right next to the waterfall, savoring a cup of hot coffee while relishing the rare tranquility and admiring the dreamlike waterfall and pristine forest; a perfect escape.

Capture the Border Milestone: Cao Bang holds the highest number of border milestones in Vietnam, each signifying heroic historical stories and memories of the struggle of past generations for the nation’s sovereignty. Be sure to take a picture at these landmarks to preserve memories of your journey.


 Combine with Visits to Other Famous Tourist Destinations


Situated not far from other renowned tourist attractions in Cao Bang, visitors to Ban Gioc Waterfall can conveniently explore places like Pac Bo Cave, Truc Lam Ban Gioc Zen Monastery, Nguom Ngao Cave, Ban Viet Lake, Thang Hen Lake, and more, to relish the enchanting beauty of the highlands to the fullest.


Tips for an Enjoyable Experience at Ban Gioc Waterfall


As Ban Gioc Waterfall is situated near the border area, carry all necessary identification documents to present when requested.

Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing and suitable soft-soled shoes, and ensure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Be cautious of slippery surfaces while having fun at the waterfall. Do not venture deep into the forest or wade in the water without proper guidance.

Nestled amidst the majestic mountains, the waterfall captivates with its dreamy and mysterious allure, resembling a fairy tale realm that has enchanted countless travelers. Your journey to Cao Bang will be incomplete without a visit to this breathtaking wonder – the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. Waste no time and embark on an unforgettable adventure to Ban Gioc Waterfall today!

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