Pac Bo Relic

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Explore Pac Bo relic – The Famous Historical Site in Cao Bằng (2023)

Pac Bo relic is a renowned historical site in Cao Bằng, Vietnam, deeply associated with the revolutionary history. When visiting the majestic Ban Gioc Waterfall, why not take the opportunity to explore this significant destination? Let’s delve into the details with East Asia Getaway before embarking on the Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour!

Pac Bo RelicLocation of the Historical Site – Pac Bo relic Cave, and Suối Lênin

Pac Bo relic is situated in the Pac Bo relic village, Trường Hà commune, Hà Quảng district, Cao Bằng province. It served as the living and working place for President Hồ Chí Minh after his 30-year journey to save the country. He directly led the anti-French resistance from 1941 to 1945. The site comprises various locations such as Bo Bam Cave, Cò Rạc Beach, Các Mác Mountain, Lênin Stream, and Cốc Bó Cave.

The site holds historical significance as President Hồ Chí Minh and the revolutionary officials conducted important events here. Among them was the 8th Party Central Committee Conference, the establishment of the Vietnam Independence Alliance Association, and more. Pac Bo relic stands as a testament to the dedicated efforts of President Hồ Chí Minh and the revolutionaries, making it an essential destination not to miss on the Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour.

Must-See Places at the Pac Bo relic Historical Site

Visitors can marvel at the picturesque U-shaped valley formed by the meandering mountains. Suối Lênin flows at the foot of Các Mác Mountain, creating a tranquil and enchanting scene of the Northeastern mountains and forests.

Các Mác Mountain features imposing rocky cliffs and lush green grasslands, presenting a harmonious blend of grandeur and poetry. The area is adorned with ancient trees, providing a serene and soothing ambiance.

Outside the main cave, which used to be President Hồ Chí Minh’s kitchen, tourists can witness the bamboo forest he once planted. The shade of the bamboo trees offers respite from the summer heat, making it a refreshing stop during the summer visit.

Suối Lênin boasts clear blue water, tempting every visitor to dip their hands and feel the coolness of the stream. From the bank, you can even observe the sparkling pebbles and the playful fish swimming beneath the surface. This simple yet memorable experience leaves a lasting impression on travelers.

Indulge in Cao Bằng’s Specialties During the Ban Gioc Waterfall – Pac Bo relic Tour

A visit to Cao Bằng would be incomplete without savoring its famous delicacies, which make for delightful gifts for your family and friends.

Lạp xưởng (Chinese sausage) is a popular dish in Vietnam, but the one from Tây Bắc in Cao Bằng is considered the best. The uniquely delicious flavor combines the sourness of leaves and wild fruits, the tenderness of young bamboo shoots, and the delectable taste of meat. Even after indulging in multiple servings, you won’t feel satiated as you might elsewhere.

Lạp xưởng gác bếp (dried pork sausage) is made from selected lean pork marinated with distinctive spices. The ingredients are clean, without preservatives, and prepared in a hygienic process, ensuring you can enjoy this delicacy with peace of mind or buy it as a healthy gift. After being roasted until golden, the sausage can be enjoyed with chili sauce and pickles, guaranteeing an unforgettable taste.

Another must-try delicacy is the 7-flavor roasted duck, which includes both buffalo and pork meat. The meat is carefully marinated with spices from different ethnic groups, stuffed inside the duck’s belly, and roasted. This dish can be a delightful snack to enjoy while watching a movie at home or having a weekend gathering with friends. Remember to buy this healthful specialty as a souvenir for your loved ones after the trip.

Cao Bằng’s renowned khảo cake is familiar to many. The meticulous selection of ingredients, with the outer shell made from fragrant glutinous rice flour, and the sweet taste provided by either sugar or caramel, will surely delight your taste buds. This additive-free cake is not only delicious but also a healthy choice.

A visit to the Pac Bo relic – Suối Lênin historical site during the Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour will not only deepen your understanding of the great contributions made by President Hồ Chí Minh and our beloved revolutionaries but also offer you a chance to immerse in the pure beauty of Cao Bằng’s mountains and forests. Moreover, the opportunity to savor these delectable local specialties will leave you with lasting memories and unforgettable experiences


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