Ngườm Ngao Cave

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Nguom ngao Cave – A Natural Masterpiece in Cao Bằng

Nguom ngao Cave – a true natural wonder bestowed upon the land of Cao Bằng, never fails to captivate both local and international tourists. What makes this cave so special and what can travelers on the Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour expect to experience here? Let East Asia Getaway guide you through the details before witnessing the beauty firsthand!

Ngườm Ngao CaveLocation of Nguom ngao Cave in Cao Bằng

Nestled amidst the majestic mountains in Gun village, Đàm Thủy commune, Trùng Khánh district, Cao Bằng province, Nguom ngao Cave is approximately 3km away from Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Formed around 300 million years ago, the cave has been recently discovered and developed for tourism, preserving its pristine beauty. In the Tày ethnic language, Nguom ngao means “Tiger Cave.” Local people will share various stories about the cave’s name. Some believe that in ancient times, many fierce tigers lived inside the cave. However, others think the name comes from the sound of water blending together, resembling a tiger’s growl, hence it being called the “Tiger Cave.”=

How to Get to Nguom ngao Cave

To reach Nguom ngao Cave during the Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour, travelers will have to traverse some high and dangerous roads. Despite this, the route never fails to exhilarate adventure enthusiasts.

From Cao Bằng city, take the road over Mã Phục Pass and Khau Liên Pass, covering approximately 60km. Upon reaching Trùng Khánh town, continue for another nearly 30km to encounter Ban Gioc Waterfall. As you approach the waterfall, follow the signs along Provincial Road 206 that lead to Nguom ngao Cave.

Best Time to Visit Nguom ngao Cave

Cao Bằng’s climate is divided into two distinct seasons: the water season and the dry season. Each season reveals a unique charm of Nguom ngao Cave.

The water season lasts from May to September. During this time, the cave is abundant with flowing water, which, when illuminated by sunlight, creates a scene resembling sparkling gems. Travelers joining the Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour from Hanoi to this cave will be greeted with a refreshing, cool, and even slightly cold atmosphere inside.

From October to April of the following year, Cao Bằng enters the dry season. At this time, Nguom ngao Cave no longer holds water, making it much more convenient and easy for tourists to explore.


Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Nguom ngao Cave

On your Cao Bằng tour, encountering Nguom ngao Cave will leave you mesmerized by its magnificent natural scenery. Travelers will quickly become entranced by the numerous sparkling stalactites inside the cave.

The cave stretches up to 2144 meters long and has three main entrances, each with its name:

  • Nguom ngao Gate, located a few hundred steps from the mountain’s foot.
  • Ngườm Lồm Gate, cool and hidden under a rock at the mountain’s base throughout the year.
  • Bản Thuôn Gate, situated behind the mountain, adjacent to the Bản Thuôn area of the Tày ethnic people.

Travelers will have ample opportunity to unleash their imagination regarding the fantastic shapes of stalactites. Sometimes, they resemble blooming lotus buds, while at other times, they appear as young women combing their long hair.

One of the cave’s distinctive features is the unusual colors of its stalactites, resulting from the high calcium content and various impurities.

Thanks to its spacious area, Nguom ngao Cave is divided into several sections. The “Four Pillars” area boasts four rock columns forming giant supporting walls. The central area has the most extensive space, and the final “Treasure” area derives its name from the abundance of sparkling stalactites, resembling hidden treasures concealed within the cave.

Moreover, during the Ban Gioc Waterfall tour to explore the Cave, travelers may encounter small streams and flowing water. The path inside the cave can be challenging at times, with narrow rocky walls that only fit one person or boulders blocking the way, requiring people to stoop to pass through.

Nevertheless, don’t be disheartened, as the deeper you venture into the cave, the more fascinated you will become with the marvelous masterpiece bestowed upon Nguom ngao.

Some Tips for Exploring Nguom ngao Cave

  • Due to the distinctive terrain of the cave in Cao Bằng, you must pay attention to some important matters while exploring this place:
  • During the water season, prepare a flashlight, comfortable clothing, especially waterproof sports shoes or rubber sandals with good grip. As the cave is filled with water at that time, it can become slippery and hazardous.
  • Bring warm clothing to keep your body warm when entering the cave to avoid catching a cold as the temperature inside is usually lower than outside.
  • Carry basic medical supplies such as cotton, bandages, etc., to deal with minor scrapes and cuts during your journey.
  • You may consider bringing a sleeping bag, tarp, multi-tool knife, lighter, for emergency situations.
  • Bring a camera, phone, spare batteries, and a power bank to capture and cherish the memorable moments of the trip.

After completing the visit, don’t forget to visit the highland market to learn about the distinctive cultural beauty of the indigenous people. Especially, indulge in some renowned Cao Bằng specialties such as roasted duck, hazelnuts, pork ribs, dạ hiến vegetable, bamboo shoots, rolled rice pancakes, steamed rice cakes, xôi trám (black sesame sticky rice), and remember to bring some buffalo meat or roasted suckling pig back home as souvenirs