Cam Ly Waterfall – A Legendary Dream Destination in Da Lat

Overview of Cam Ly Waterfall in Da Lat:

Cam Ly Waterfall is located at 76 Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 5, the City of a Thousand Flowers, Da Lat, Lam Dong Province.

  • Management contact number: 026 33 834 372.
  • Opening hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • Email:
  • Entrance fee: 20,000 VND for children and 40,000 VND for adults.
  • Parking fee: 5,000 to 10,000 VND (varies depending on the time of visit, including holidays).
  • Visiting time: Approximately 60 minutes per visit.

Cam Ly Waterfall is located 2km west of Da Lat city center. It is considered one of the closest waterfalls to the city center. In 1998, The Waterfall was recognized as a National Historical and Cultural Monument.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Cam Ly Waterfall was a must-visit destination for tourists in Da Lat. Alongside Cam Ly Waterfall, Love Valley and the City Flower Garden were also popular spots for wedding and anniversary photoshoots. This history has contributed to the timeless value of Cam Ly Waterfall. Tourists during that era loved to visit Cam Ly Waterfall for its romantic and picturesque beauty, which continues to attract tourists to Da Lat today.

Cam Ly Waterfall is situated next to the Cam Le stream, formed by the convergence of water from the Xuan Huong Lake and the Cam Ly stream. A visit to Cam Ly Waterfall offers a sense of peace and tranquility, immersing you in nature with its waterfalls, trees, and mountains. The flowing white water segments create a serene atmosphere, accompanied by fresh air and idyllic landscapes.

Getting to Cam Ly Waterfall:

From the city center of Da Lat, take Tran Hung Dao Street towards National Highway 20. Continue past the Kim Cuc roundabout and stay on Tran Hung Dao Street until you reach Tran Phu Street. At the large intersection of Ba Thang Hai and Tran Le Streets, continue straight onto Hoang Van Thu Street. Follow Hoang Van Thu Street and look for the address number 76 or ask locals for directions.

Exploring Cam Ly Waterfall:

Cam Ly’s Legend:
Cam Ly Waterfall is linked to local legends of remembrance, gratitude, and respect for historical figures. The K’Ho people named the waterfall “Lieng To Sra,” which means the boundary between Cam Le stream and Da Duong River. The villagers later adopted the name of a tribal leader named K’Mly to express their appreciation. K’Mly cared for the entire tribe, ensuring their well-being and prosperity. The name was then transformed from “K’Mly” to “Cam Ly.”

Scenic Beauty:
Cam Ly Waterfall is a popular destination for many tourists, who return to experience its fresh and serene environment. The backdrop features mountains, forests, and the rhythmic flow of the waterfall, accompanied by the melodies of singing birds. The fragrance of pine trees pervades the air, enhancing the peaceful ambiance. This charming landscape has inspired poets, writers, and musicians to create artistic works that capture the essence of thí waterfall.

In the dry season (from December to April), the water level recedes, revealing unique rock formations. During the rainy season, the waterfall’s waters surge and cascade down in white ribbons. This harmonious blend of natural elements, including mountains, waterfalls, and clear skies, invites visitors to experience a range of emotions.

Visitor’s Notes:

The waterfall is managed by a tourism company, so there are designated photo spots. Please be careful not to touch or damage any props.
Some areas have small shelters where you can rest and have a drink. Consider bringing light snacks if you arrive early.
Mornings offer the best lighting conditions for photography at  the Waterfall.
If traveling with children, watch out for water levels, which can be higher at times.
Wear shoes with good traction and avoid high heels, especially if you plan to climb to higher photo spots.
Check the weather forecast before heading out for your trip.
The waterfall site includes a memorial of Nguyen Huu Hao, a respected figure in the Nguyen Dynasty.

The Waterfall is a picturesque destination, perfect for couples’ wedding photoshoots or creating beautiful memories. The site’s unique charm has made it a popular location for photography enthusiasts. The beauty of the flowing water against the backdrop of mountains and forests is truly captivating.

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