Datanla watefall Đà Lạt 2023


Datanla watefall Đà Lạt 2023 – Updated Ticket Prices and Activities

Introduction to  Datanla watefall Đà Lạt  Datanla watefall Đà Lạt is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam known for its enchanting natural landscapes and a variety of exciting attractions. The waterfall offers breathtaking views, surrounded by the gentle climate of Đà Lạt.

Location of  Datanla watefall Đà Lạt

Datanla watefall is situated in the Prenn Pass, approximately 5 km south of the city center of Đà Lạt. Also known as the Fairy Stream, it features cascading waters flowing through rocky terrain, creating serene and calm streams.

How to Get to  Datanla watefall Đà Lạt

Due to the road closure for repairs at the Prenn Pass, the recommended route to  Datanla watefall is through the Tuyền Lâm Lake area, followed by a turn-off.

Ticket Prices for  Datanla watefall Đà Lạt 2023

Datanla watefall has specific ticket prices for various activities, with separate rates for adults and children. Here’s a glimpse of the prices:

  • Entrance ticket: 50,000 VNĐ for adults, 25,000 VNĐ for children
  • Various adventure activities available at different prices

Opening Hours of  Datanla watefall

Datanla watefall is open daily from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Some activities might be temporarily suspended for maintenance, so it’s advisable to inquire beforehand.

Exciting Activities at  Datanla watefall

Datanla watefall offers a wide range of adventurous activities for visitors, catering to different preferences and levels of thrill-seeking:

  • Canyoning: A daring adventure involving climbing and navigating the waterfalls.
  • High Rope Course: A team-based challenge involving overcoming obstacles at heights.
  • Alpine Coaster: A thrilling ride through the forest on a modern alpine coaster.
  • Zipline: A heart-pounding experience gliding through the treetops.
  • Rafting: Teamwork-based rafting experience through 10 waterfalls.
  • Cable Car: Scenic cable car ride offering stunning views of the waterfall and surroundings.
  • Forest Walk: A leisurely walk through the forest, enjoying the natural beauty.


Accommodation Options Near  Datanla watefall

Several hotels and accommodations are available for tourists near Thác Datanla, such as New Century Hotel, Stillus Boutique Hotel, Swiss-BelResort Tuyền Lâm, The Kupid Hill Homestay, and The Lake House Dalat.

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